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Authors: Shou Ping Qu, Tian Zhu Liang, Zhong Shu Zhang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In the paper, it is introduced a new method of non-abrasive cryogenic polishing which is used to polish GaAs chips. It is also analyzed the...
Authors: Xin Gang Ai, Sheng Li Li, Ning Wang, Nan Lv
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this paper the influence of snorkel length and snorkel inner diameter and lifting gas flow rate on inclusion removal rate are discussed....
Authors: Shaoxia Wang, Saila Jämsä, Riitta Mahlberg, Juha Nikkola, Juha Mannila, Anne Christine Ritschkoff, Jouko Peltonen
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Two silane-based hybrid coatings were developed to modify the surface energy of phenolic resin impregnated paper. The coated paper samples...
Authors: Miao Liu, Si Fang Li, Daniel Umereweneza
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The acid resistance of ultramarine blue was greatly enhanced by silica coatings. Sodium metasilicate nonahydrate was used as silica precursor...
Authors: Jun Bo Liu, Li Mei Wang, Jun Sheng Jiang, Guang Ming Cao
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Fe-Cr-Ti-C composite powder was prepared by precursor carbonization-composition process using the mixture of ferrotitanium, chromium, iron...
Authors: Zhi Yong Han, Huan Wang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Considering the concave cone 3 dimension interface topography unit, the distribution of residual stress in thermal barrier coating was...
Authors: Da Chun Yang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Wear-resistant casting was made by V-EPC infiltration process. The matrix material was high boron steel casting. Surface composite materials...
Authors: Shu Wang Duo, Ming Zhu, Jin Min Ge, Xiang Ming He, Liang Meng
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Cr-Al-N coatings with the thickness of about 2 mm have been prepared in a magnetron sputtering system by reactive co-sputtering from a...
Authors: Ya Nan Wang, Lu Miao, Wei Geng, Chuan Bo Cai
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Samples of CeO2-WC- Ni base alloy coating were made on 45# steel substrate by vacuum melting. The influence of CeO2...
Authors: Yu Xin Gao, Cheng Zhao
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Superfine coatings have been prepared by Electro-spark deposition (ESD) on die steel substrate with WC-8Co electrode. The microstructures and...
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