Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Qiang Guo, Hong Wei Zhao, Rong Lu Sun

Abstract: NiCrBSi coating was prepared on the surface of 45 steel by CO2 laser. The microstructure of the clad layer was characterized by...

Authors: Wen Quan Wang, Bao Sheng Lu, Shi Ming Huang, Qun You

Abstract: Microstructures and properties of plasma surfaced NiCrBSi+20%WC/12Co layer prepared on the die steel (H13) substrate were investigated. The...

Authors: Wen Ran Feng, Hai Zhou

Abstract: Thermal sprayed WC-based coatings are widely used in modern industry, especially in excellent wear-resistant-demanding fields, due to their...

Authors: Wei Qin Wu, Qiang Li, Zhen Yi Wei, Hui Ye

Abstract: Al2O3-TiO2-ZrO2-CeO2 coatings formed via a plasma spray approach. The optimal spray...

Authors: Guang Xin Wu, Jie Yu Zhang, Qian Li

Abstract: The presence of Mg addition in bath has been shown to improve the corrosion resistance of the hot-dip Al-Zn alloy coating while adhesion of...

Authors: Xiao Juan Wu, Zheng Jun Liu, Guo De Li

Abstract: The high-phosphorus electroless Ni–P plating was coated on the surface of stainless steel. Five parameters, which have much effect on...

Authors: Zhi Ping Wang, Huan Wang, Zhi Yong Han, Qing Zhang

Abstract: Considering the thermally-growth oxide (TGO) that grows between ceramic coating and bond coat interface and surface topography of bond coat...

Authors: Yao Min Zhu, Qiu Ran Gao, Feng Zhang Ren, Shi Jie Fang

Abstract: The effects of the hot-rolling process on microstructures and strength were investigated for two kinds of magnesium alloy Mg-Zn-Y and...

Authors: Jun Du, Xiao Ying Zhu, Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang

Abstract: Two kinds of magnetron sputtering ZrAlN films containing 23%atAl were deposited. The first was multicomponent ZrAlN film, the second was...

Authors: Yu Lan Wei, Bing Li, Yun Hui Yan, Shou Xin Zhu

Abstract: To effective integrate the bright-field and dark-field defect image information to solve the missed and false inspection problems due to...


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