Advanced Materials and Processes: ADME 2011

Volumes 311-313

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Li Cheng, Cun Zhou, Hao Peng, Huan Wang, Yu Sun

Abstract: Two kind of polyimide/silica nanocomposites which were recorded poly(amic acid)/ silica(PAA/SiO2) and SiO2 in...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhang, Meng Zhang, Hong Yan Zuo

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect and sintering behavior of microwave on TiB2/Cu composite powder compacts,...

Authors: Yu Zhu, Feng Huang, Shu Gang Sun, Hong Jun Ni

Abstract: Ceramic-lined steel pipes were made by adding nano-SiO2, Na2B4O7 additives into...

Authors: Xiu Sheng Tang, Guo Hong Huang, Yue Bo Cai, Ye Ran Zhu

Abstract: Sulfate attack of cementitious materials is closely related to the essential properties of cementitious materials and erosive environments....

Authors: Ying Chen, Jing Xie, Shang Yue Shen, Ping Jin

Abstract: OMMT was compounded by MMT and 1% (v/v) acetic acid dissolved chitosan via solution intercalate method, and then prepared the composites...

Authors: Wei Xu, Zhi Hui Wu, Yuan Yuan Zou

Abstract: In recent years, wood of greatly value are decreasing continuously. However, the percentage of low-grade wood or fast-growing species are...

Authors: Wei Li, Cheng Ge Wu, Qiang Han Fang

Abstract: The iron-based composite ceramic powder Fe-WC is produced by ball milling with synthetic tungsten mine and graphite. The process is...

Authors: Cui Qin Wu, Wei Ping Wang, Qi Gang Yuan, Yan Jun Li, Wei Zhang, Xiang Dong Zhang

Abstract: To estimate the disbond defects of the carbon fiber composite materials with honeycomb sandwich structure applied in the aerospace, active...

Authors: Wen Sheng Hou, Mei Niu, Jin Ming Dai, Sheng Shi, Zi Lu Wu, Yin Li

Abstract: The antibacterial PET (polyethylene terephthalate) masterbatch was extruded from twin screw extruder, using silver and zinc-loading...

Authors: You Jun Wang, Xu Liang Lü, An Zhong Deng, Dong Li

Abstract: CdS/ZnS core-shell structure was synthesized with reverse microemulsions in the system of cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB)/...


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