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Authors: Ze Hao Hu, Wei Wei, Juan Liu, Kun Liu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The data of process parameters and quality index from CAE simulation orthogonal test is used as training samples, the BP neural network is...
Authors: Ai Di Zhi, Sheng Li Jiang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Screw conveyors deliver materials in desired quantities in a steady and continuous manner, and are widely used in factories and mining. The...
Authors: Hong Zhang, Wen Ge Lv, Si Yuan Cheng, Shao Ming Luo, Xiang Wei Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Election Campaign Optimization algorithm is a new heuristic algorithm, it works by simulating the behavior that the election candidates...
Authors: Guang Ze Zheng, Kazuhide Ohta
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Numerical prediction of the acoustic radiation of vibrating engine block is conventionally based on the boundary element method (BEM). This...
Authors: Mo Wu Lu, Wei Qiang Zhao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:This paper presents a numerical method for elastic-kinematics analysis of five-rod suspension based on displacement matrix method and spatial...
Authors: Xiao Li Xu, Bin Ren, Yun Bo Zuo, Guo Xin Wu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In the high-end CNC machining process, the stability and reliability of the running state of the machining system directly affects the...
Authors: Ya Jing Hou, Xi Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Good products and good service derived from comprehensive understanding of user requirements. Currently, user-centered design (UCD) is...
Authors: Rang Shu Xu, Rui Lin, Suo Gang Zhang, Ting Chu Zhou, Min Li Bai
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Control of exhaust emission and combustion efficiency depend directly on the atomization of the liquid. The research on the atomizing...
Authors: Zhuo Kun Cao, Huan Liu, Jin Jing Du, Guang Chun Yao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Carbon fibers are used as novel stabilizing additives for aluminum foams production at the aim of manufacturing metallic foams of high...
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