Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

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Authors: Ze Hao Hu, Wei Wei, Juan Liu, Kun Liu
Abstract: The data of process parameters and quality index from CAE simulation orthogonal test is used as training samples, the BP neural network is trained and the neural networks ensemble approximate calculation agent model of the relations between processing parameters and the quality index of product are obtained. The agent model with a clear mathematical formula calculates quickly and accurately, so it can optimize globally by the genetic algorithm. The best group of process parameters is obtained and a multi-objective optimization of the quality index of products is realized.
Authors: Ai Di Zhi, Sheng Li Jiang
Abstract: Screw conveyors deliver materials in desired quantities in a steady and continuous manner, and are widely used in factories and mining. The design of large multi-blade screw conveyor involves complex calculations and large repeated workload, and is poor in accuracy and efficiency. With modular design as the guideline, using object-oriented programming language VB6.0 as the developing tool, and based on the platform of AutoCAD, this article discusses the development of a user-friendly CAD system that allows arbitrary division of the outer vortex. Practice has proven that this simple and pragmatic system largely improves the design efficiency and precision.
Authors: Hong Zhang, Wen Ge Lv, Si Yuan Cheng, Shao Ming Luo, Xiang Wei Zhang
Abstract: Election Campaign Optimization algorithm is a new heuristic algorithm, it works by simulating the behavior that the election candidates pursue the highest support in election campaign. In this paper, the problem of optimal designing a pressure vessel is selected to verify the validity of Election Campaign Optimization algorithm. The computing result shows that Election Campaign Optimization algorithm can find the global optimal solutions for design problem.
Authors: Guang Ze Zheng, Kazuhide Ohta
Abstract: Numerical prediction of the acoustic radiation of vibrating engine block is conventionally based on the boundary element method (BEM). This approach yields good predictions, provided that the dynamic behavior of engine block is well established. However, interior resonances may lead to singular matrices and nonunique solution. To avoid the problems with interior resonances and singular matrices, this paper introduced the combined Helmholtz integral equation formulation method (CHIEF METHOD). The numerical experiment shows the performance of CHIEF METHOD and then we use this method to estimate the acoustic radiation of engine block. Based on spatially mean square velocity and acoustic radiation efficiency of vibrating engine block, a simplified analytic method is presented in this paper, by which the vibrate induced noise can be predicted in the early design process of engine development.
Authors: Mo Wu Lu, Wei Qiang Zhao
Abstract: This paper presents a numerical method for elastic-kinematics analysis of five-rod suspension based on displacement matrix method and spatial body equilibrium theory. A mathematical model for elastic-kinematics analysis of five-rod suspension is established and equilibrium equations of suspension are derived. The method for calculating equilibrium location of suspension when counterforce of road surface acts on the wheel is discussed on the precondition of considering the influence of the elasticity of each kinematic pair on suspension and not considering it. This method simplifies the solving process of elastic-kinematics analysis of five-rod suspension and is efficient especially for computer-based solving process.
Authors: Xiao Li Xu, Bin Ren, Yun Bo Zuo, Guo Xin Wu
Abstract: In the high-end CNC machining process, the stability and reliability of the running state of the machining system directly affects the machining accuracy and work-piece quality. In order to effectively ensure the reliable, stable, safe operation of the high-end CNC machining system, the fault knowledge base technology construction for the cutting tool system is carried out. It focuses on the high-end CNC machine tools, and build the condition monitoring system test platform with cutting tool system as the core; the fault sample acquisition method based on the rough set theory is proposed; a knowledge base model construction technology is conducted; and the network-based sample acquisition test platform is established, so as to provide users with data information on the operation of cutting tool system, and provide the key test techniques for the generation mechanism of the dynamic performance and wear condition of the operation of cutting tool system and for the analysis of the intrinsic correlation between the characteristic parameters and wear condition of cutting tools.
Authors: Ya Jing Hou, Xi Zhang
Abstract: Good products and good service derived from comprehensive understanding of user requirements. Currently, user-centered design (UCD) is mentioned very often in the field of design. However, how to achieve our design based on UCD, and how to carry out user needs throughout the whole product lifecycle? The present study showed improved design for Automated Teller Machine(ATM ), which based on the understanding of the user research theory, establishing the model to solve the problems that the customers faced when they use the machine by analyzing the user needs.
Authors: Rang Shu Xu, Rui Lin, Suo Gang Zhang, Ting Chu Zhou, Min Li Bai
Abstract: Control of exhaust emission and combustion efficiency depend directly on the atomization of the liquid. The research on the atomizing performance of fuel nozzle is certainly important. A model using VOF-LES method has been built to investigate sheet breakup behavior of the main circuit of a pressure swirl atomizer. LES which takes into account of turbulence of fuel and air, has been used to simulate the phenomenon of sheet breakup. Vivid gas-liquid interface, instability wave and primary breakup phenomenon have been captured. The patterns of the sheet breaking-up change with different fuel flux. The mechanism of sheet breakup has been analyzed by combining variations of velocity and turbulent kinetic energy with Kelvin-Helmholtz instability theory and turbulence on circumference. The breakup length captured by simulation agrees well with the results of the semi-empirical formulas.
Authors: Zhuo Kun Cao, Huan Liu, Jin Jing Du, Guang Chun Yao
Abstract: Carbon fibers are used as novel stabilizing additives for aluminum foams production at the aim of manufacturing metallic foams of high mechanical performance. The effect of carbon fiber fraction on the foam structure and mechanical property is studied in the present paper. Results shows that the change in foam structure can be slowed down by increasing fiber fraction, which would led to more stable foam. The yield strength of aluminum foams increase with fiber fraction, but the foams are also getting brittle. High performance aluminum foams can also prepared by using aluminum alloy as start material, and the resulting foams show much higher compressive strength than that of commercial aluminum foams.

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