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Authors: Wei Wang, Jing Bao Shi, Ming Fu Luo, Yu Fang Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In this paper ,we ared study on the reinforcement of a large opening with which the opening ratio is (W)0.8 with numerical calculation. We...
Authors: Yu Ming Zhu, Ji Hong Liu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The model of complex product systems involves mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, control, thermal and even aerodynamic domain. It also...
Authors: De Fang Liu, Jie Tao, Bin Wang, Jin Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:This paper studied on the key technology of synchronous modeling- face finder and geometry index and flexible and rigid solve on platform of...
Authors: Jing Feng Li, Xi Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:As an advanced design idea nowadays, to realize body’s healthy movement, healthy industrial design (be called HID for short) pursues user’s...
Authors: Bin Ren, Shu You Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Product configuration design and simulation analysis are of critical importance in the rapid response to performance-driven product design....
Authors: Xiang Jun Hui, Ping Cheng
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In this paper , key techniques of feature extraction in reverse engineering is studied. First use a method to extract the feature points from...
Authors: Hong Bo Xu, Guo Hua Chen, Xin Hua Wang, Jun Liang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:For the time varying of signals, empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is occupied to modulate signals; auto-regressive moving average (ARMA) of...
Authors: Xue Feng Xing, Hong Zuo Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A new design of using FPGA to realize array beacon light switching is preferred. Based on spatial diversity laser communication, the problem...
Authors: Wen Chen
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The power performance and the fuel economy are both the important indexes of the automobile. To designing a certain vehicle, when the total...
Authors: Jian Guo Chen, Ying Yu, Xiao Chen Zhu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The living creature evolve into various kinds of animals after a long time, there also is the law that includes evolvement, variation and...
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