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Authors: Wei Hui Wang, Liang Dong Zhang, Guang Zhong Hu, Min Zhou
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:On the basis of studying the principle of centrifugal dewatering technology applied to refined cotton, the paper analyzes the key...
Authors: Sui Xian Yang, Ting Li, Xiao Jian Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Form innovation is a particular field in innovative theory and design methodology. In order to develop creative thinking and obtain...
Authors: Yan Hui Chen, De Jian Zhou
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:This paper presents a new method of product module partition based on the fuzzy clustering analysis. This method demonstrates the relevant...
Authors: Fu Zhong Wu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A free form surface reconstruction method based on least square support vector regression is presented. Firstly in order to eliminate noise...
Authors: Xi Ping Chen, Yan Min Xiao, Kun Lv
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Piezoelectric actuator was widely used in precision machinery as driving element used for their small size, high frequency, large resolution...
Authors: Ji Hong Liu, Xu Jie Hu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Engineering design is an innovative process that relies heavily upon associations to past experience and similar designs. Design rationale...
Authors: Gui Yu Lin, Wei Tao Li, Da Shuai Chang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:According to the effective of the displacement of crane boom to rated capacity, establishing a mechanical model with a prototype. After...
Authors: Chao Lan Tang, Xian Yang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Usability testing is an important usability practice to evaluate a product by testing it on users. In this paper, the essentiality and...
Authors: Bo Li, Shu Rong Tong, Lu Sheng Fang, Jin Chao Liu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:To improve the design process efficiency, this paper proposes the principle and methodology that design process gene controls the...
Authors: Xiao Mei You, Lei Meng, Xing Guo Ma, Bang Chun Wen
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on the multi-body dynamics theory and visualization technology, a planetary gear train system is studied in RecurDyn. The multi-body...
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