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Authors: Han Bing Yan, Hui Ju
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The efficiency of the modeling method is the decisive factor for the success of generated innovative solutions, while existing modeling...
Authors: Ke Zhao, Wei Ping Hu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:With the rapid development of computer-aided design, traditional hand-drawn performance undergoes a fundamental change. Since it has the...
Authors: Yu Lian Cui, Bing Xi Zhang, Zhong Kang Song
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Innovative mechanical design methods are categorized and analyzed briefly in this paper, which include the common used creative design...
Authors: Shou Wen Yao, Jian Li Lv, Qing Dong Peng
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Dynamic performance is one of the most important factors in the product’s life. Transmission housing is one of the important components in...
Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, Yang Gao, Lei Zhang, Di Hu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The mesopic vision theory is used to study illumination properties of series of light sources, through the test of luminous spectrum and...
Authors: Yu Lian Cui, Wei Wu, Dong Hong Tang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:TRIZ theory is a new method of creative design which provides systematic theory and tools for inventive problem discovering and solving. In...
Authors: Ruo Yu Zhang, Za Kan, Xu Guang Yan, Wan Chao Hu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:To separate objects (immature tomatoes, foreign material) accurately from tomatoes using actuating mechanism of tomato color grading robot,...
Authors: Xiao Gang Zhang, Long Quan
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In order to realize that an asymmetric flow piston pump can control an asymmetric differential cylinder, a proposal about the application of...
Authors: Bo Li, Shu Rong Tong, Chun Xia Wang, Xin Shi
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A method of design process reuse and optimization based on the design process gene is proposed to enhance design efficiency. First, the...
Authors: Ji Guang Han
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:When the slot number of geneva is fixed, the kinematic coefficient of common geneva mechanism is a fixed value, too. Using the elliptic gear...
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