Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Qiong Ge, Wen Xian Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the corrosion and wear resistance of AZ31B magnesium alloy, Ni alloy cladding layer which had no crack and hole on AZ31B...

Authors: Ching Mu Chen, Shen Yuar Chen, Wei Ching Chuang, Jen Yu Shieh

Abstract: This paper proposes capabilities of transparent glass window design with energy-saving and heat insulation for carbon reduction issues. An...

Authors: Shi Chao Li, Chang Bo Tang, Xuan Wang, Jian Ping Shi

Abstract: Exploring and using surface engineering technology into the Anti-aging antibacterial mold of mulberry silk brocade fabrics through multiple...

Authors: Michael G. Golkovsky, Tatiana V. Zhuravina, Ivan A. Bataev, Anatoliy A. Bataev, Sergey V. Veselov, Vladimir A. Bataev, Elena A. Prikhodko

Abstract: The aim of the work was to clad Ti-Ta-Nb coating on a substrate of pure titanium. Cladding was carried out by non-vacuum electron-beam...

Authors: Wen Rui Chen, Yong Ma, Zhi Feng Lou

Abstract: Material mechanics and dynamic properties affect the service life of parts, and also the normal operation of machines. In order to reduce...

Authors: Yu Deng, Sheng Fu Yu, Shu Le Xing, Lin Bing Huang

Abstract: A kind of self-shielded carbonitride alloying flux-cored wire was developed. Wear resistant coatings was prepared on the surface of the Q235...

Authors: Hua Dong Qiu, Wen Shuang Bao, Chang Hou Lu, Xue Yong Li

Abstract: Different laser parameters and the interactional production can affect the barcode grade profoundly. In order to mark barcodes on aluminum...

Authors: Fang Mei, Man Feng Gong

Abstract: Plasma thermal spraying technique was adopted to deposit five groups of different thickness 3% TiO2-Al2O3 coatings on 329-Stainless steel. A...

Authors: Xiang Rong Zhu, Nai Ci Bing, Zhong Ling Wei, Qiu Rong Chen

Abstract: TiN films were deposited on the AZ 31 magnesium alloy substrates by d.c. magnetron sputtering technique. The surface properties of the films...


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