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Authors: Hui Fang Zhao, Mei Yun Zhang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In order to improve the bonding properties between poly (m-phenylene isophthalamide) (PMIA) fibers and PMIA-pulp and to improve the...
Authors: Hua Wu, Li Song, Yu Guang Sun, Tao Chen
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this paper,TiAlN films were deposited on the surface of tool steel substrates using multi-arc ion plating technology at the assistance of...
Authors: Zhao Feng Chen, Wang Ping Wu, Xiang Na Cong, Liang Bing Wang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this paper, iridium coating was produced by double glow plasma on various substrates. Microstructure, mechanical property, thermal...
Authors: Peng Li, Tian Xiang Peng
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:HIPIB irradiation experiment is carried out at lower energy density of 0.55 J/cm2 with shot number from 1 to 10, and dry sliding wear...
Authors: Xue Jun Chen, Guang Nan Chen
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this paper, the thermal shock induced cracking behavior of a segmented coating on the outer surface of a hollow cylinder has been...
Authors: Tian Fei Ma, Hong Xia Li, Guo Qi Liu, Jian Bin Yu, Wen Gang Yang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Using SiO2 – Al2O3 – B2O3 – K2O – Na2O system glaze as base...
Authors: Xian Ming Sun, Jian Li, Gui Rong Yang, Wen Ming Song, Ying Ma
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The Ni/ZrO2 composite powder was used as raw materials to fabricate the surface infiltrated composite layer on cast steel substrate through...
Authors: Ji Lin Xu, Jun Ming Luo, Fu Liu
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Microarc oxidation coatings on biomedical NiTi alloy were prepared in aluminate electrolytes with and without hypophosphate addition. The...
Authors: Hu Cheng, Zhi Gang Fang, Xian Rui Zhao, Sheng Dai, Jian Yi
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The Ni-based WC alloy coatings were successfully fabricated on NAK80 mold steel by Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers. The microstructure and properties...
Authors: Shu Wang Duo, Mi Mi Song, Ting Zhi Liu, Mei Shuan Li
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:To improve the AO erosion resistance of siloxane coating, the Si ion implantation with nominal dosage of 7×1016 ions/cm2 in siloxane coatings...
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