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Authors: Wan Li Song, Chul Hee Lee, Seung Bok Choi, Myeong Woo Cho
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of particle concentration and magnetic field on the tribological behavior of magneto-rheological (MR) fluid is...
Authors: Ya Ling Qiu, Shi Bin Li, Wei He, Chuan Jun Han
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Composite membranes of TiN, WC/C and TiAlN+WC are successfully prepared by means of magnetron sputtering. An analysis of the membranes’...
Authors: Run Qing Guo, Liang Ying, Ping Hu, Wei Guo, Xiao Qiang Han, Zhao Huan Meng
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Special V-shaped heat bending test was designed for 22MnB5 hot forming steel of different thicknesses. Blanks after heating 5 min at around...
Authors: Yu Liang Liu, Ze Bin Bao, Tian Ying Xiong
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Cold spray is a new surface engineering technology. In this paper, pure copper particles were sprayed on the Al substrate by this method and...
Authors: Cun Xiang Liu, Jun Hui Zhang, Zhao Feng Wang
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The Tribological properties of FeCrNi/CBN composite coating with spraying high velocity arc is studied. Images and components and...
Authors: Chuan Shao Liu, Yao Hui Jin, Jian Xin Zheng
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Simulations of the supersonic flow field inside and outside of the Laval nozzle with single hole and nine holes were carried out based on the...
Authors: Yu Xin Liu, Yao Hui Lv, Shu Zhang, Fu Jia Xu, Bin Shi Xu
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:An acrylate emulsion was modified by vinyltriethoxy silane (VTES, trade name A-151) to synthesize the acrylosilane emulsion with high...
Authors: Hung Shyong Chen, Jeng Nan Lee, Huang Kuang Kung
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The application of Taquchi method in the optimization of PTA hardfacing process for the wear-resistant plate has been studied in this paper....
Authors: Shao Lei Hu, Yong Jun Xie, Xin Zhao
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:A novel processing way for the continuous helicoid reflective mirrors is proposed. We use an intelligent oven to accurately control the glass...
Authors: Li Yang, Ying Huai Qiang, Fu Shan Chen, Yang Gao, Yun Tian Zhong
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:To improve wear resistance and service life of boron cast iron cylinder, plasma beam hardening on surface is adopted.Scanning electron...
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