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Authors: Wen Xin Zhang, Jian Xia Li
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Brush plating has been an important technology for mending the scratched surface of the engineering parts in recent years. The duralumin...
Authors: Hua Sheng Chen, Hua Zhi Gu, Yan Wen Zhang, Xi Lai Chen, Guo Tao Xu, Gai Feng Xue
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Based on the perspective of the linear expansion coefficient, an anti-oxidation coating on billet heating for silicon steel was prepared. The...
Authors: En Zhong Li, Jiang Cun Li, Da Xiang Yang, Wei Ling Guo
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The preparation of electrolyte and the technical flow were summarized, the chromium based nanodiamond composite coating was prepared by...
Authors: Hong Biao Han, Yu Peng Guo
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The requirements of the power supply design are proposed based on the principle of discharge process in depositing & welding power supply,...
Authors: Na Ri, Guo Rong Li
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:The effect of corona electric field on the surface of Pr-doped ZnTe thin film was studied. The device which can produce the high-voltage...
Authors: Hong Tao Wang, Gang Chang Ji, Xiao Chen, Qing Yu Chen, Xiao Bo Bai, Gui Bin Yang, Feng Gen Yang, Bang Hua Deng
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:In this study, the influence of particle type and substrate hardness on the deposition behavior of single WC-17Co particle during the cold...
Authors: Xue Song Li, Li Min Wang, You Yang, Yue Yang, Hua Wu
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Ni–SiC nanocomposite coatings with reinforcing SiC nano-particulates were prepared by electrodeposition on MB8 wrought magnesium alloys. The...
Authors: Xiao Chen, Ren Yuan Zhang, Feng Li
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:A sprayed MoB/CoCr cermet coating was formed on 310S stainless steel by low pressure plasma spraying (LPPS), and its durability in the molten...
Authors: Li Ming Yu, Yue Ma
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Hard coating can be used as damping treatment. An interfacial damping model, based on the interface slip mechanism, is presented. Interfacial...
Authors: Hua Dong Qiu, Chang Hou Lu, Wei Chen, Jian Mei Li
Surface Engineering/Coatings
Abstract:Laser current is a key parameter in laser direct-part marking symbols on a substrate. Different laser current can create enormous impact on...
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