Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Yang, Ying Huai Qiang, Li Li Zang, Jing Wang, Jie Meng

Abstract: ZG30Cr06A as a newly developed material is made into needling of mining machinery’s hydraulic support. Its tensile strength is up to 800MPa....

Authors: Qi Dong Chen, Chun Yan He, Tao Meng

Abstract: This paper analyses seepage model of rubber-plastic porous tube by the Darcy law based on its material characteristics. Integrating seepage...

Authors: Robert Ngendang A. Lidam, Yupiter H.P. Manurung, M. Ridhwan, M.A.R. Ridzwan, M. Shahar S., M. Yusof Z., K.A. Sunhaji, T. Ghalib, E. Haruman, Y. C. Chan

Abstract: A 2D and 3D thermo-elastic-plastic (TEP) FE Analysis has been developed to simulate the angular distortion induced by Gas Metal Arc Welding...

Authors: Jia Yuan He, Yan Wang, Nabil Gindy

Abstract: Pre-tensioning forces are, in essence, the application of selective clamping forces on components prior to machining to create a “stress...

Authors: Mohd Shahar Sulaiman, Yupiter H.P. Manurung, M. Ridhwan, N. L. Robert, M.A.R. Ridzwan, E. Haruman, K.A. Sunhaji, T. Ghalib, M. Norasiah, Y. C. Chan

Abstract: In this paper, the capability of linear thermo-elastic numerical analysis method to estimate the welding deformations was investigated. The...

Authors: Wen Jiao Dan, Wei Gang Zhang

Abstract: In this study, tensional mechanical properties of sheet metal with heating-lines after laser scanning are investigated based on the...

Authors: Xiao Feng Shang, Zhi Jian Wang, Chao Gang Fan

Abstract: On many occasions, the wired communications technologies can not meet the actual needs, such as in the operating in the wild or harsh...

Authors: Bo Di Cui

Abstract: Accurate predictive modelling is an essential prerequisite for optimization and control of production in modern manufacturing environments....

Authors: Zheng Hua Guo, Gang Yao Zhao, Li Ming Ke, Li Xing, Shun Feng Zhu

Abstract: Friction stir welding(FSW), a new solid-state joining process, is wildly used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and other high technology...

Authors: Bin Zheng, Yong Qi Liu, Rui Xiang Liu, Jian Meng

Abstract: In this paper, with the ANSYS, stress distribution and safety factor of marine diesel engine connecting rod were analyzed by using 3D finite...


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