Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Liang, Tie Min Zhang, Xu Ma, Li Li Wen

Abstract: This paper proposes a new type of piezoelectric peristaltic pump driven by circumferential traveling-wave. The disk drive stator consists of...

Authors: Chang Liang, Kui Sheng Wang, Bo Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, the process of solid pellets being molten in the liquid melt in a co-rotating twin screw extruder is studied. Melting...

Authors: Xin Hong Wei, Xue Dao Shu

Abstract: End concavity controlled effectively is one of important factors to achieve no material loss end of workpiece in cross wedge rolling (CWR)....

Authors: Yuan Yuan Ge, Fu Yuan Wang, Ai Mei Zhang, Su Tao Zhuang

Abstract: In this paper, in order to make the simulation of the whole process of electrochemical machining(ECM), the characteristic of electric field...

Authors: Liang Tao Qi, Bao Shou Sun, Xue Dao Shu

Abstract: 3D model of 6006 gulley ball bearing inner ring is established in this paper. Based on the study of finite element numerical simulation on...

Authors: Ai Jun Tang, Zhan Qiang Liu

Abstract: Aircraft components are mostly made by aluminum alloy as thin wall types. These parts are usually end milled to required thicknesses and...

Authors: Xian Zhang

Abstract: The influence brought by the granularity of task decomposition on the key factors of enterprise aliance was studied based on system dynamics...

Authors: Yong Da Yan, Wei Tao Liu, Zhen Jiang Hu, Xue Sen Zhao, Jiu Chun Yan

Abstract: To study the effect of different sample materials on the nano dynamic ploughing process in the AFM tapping mode, the spring-oscillator model...

Authors: Bao Min Wang, Wei Cheng, Ying Kang Zou, Peng Li

Abstract: In this paper, firstly, the common equation of involute gear profile was derived with the slotting tool, based on the principle of Envelope...

Authors: Jing Li, Yan Jiao, Bing Yi Li

Abstract: Propose a collision and interference inspection algorithm based on bounding box, which can divide the collision and interference detection...


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