Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jun Luo, Zhong Yong Gao

Abstract: This research focus on the squeals occurred in cutting from the views of tribology. A multi-degree-freedom model was established referring...

Authors: Guo Zhi Zhang, Jun Jing Fu

Abstract: The process control mechanism of ARB(accumulative roll bonding) process was studied. Based on micro-plastic theory, the principal stress...

Authors: Yi He, Zhao Yao Zhou, Wen Jiong Cao, De Zhi Yang

Abstract: In this paper, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) was used for the prediction of heat conduction problems in sand cast process. The...

Authors: Zhi Hui Yao, Liang Gao, Mi Xiao, Lei Yang

Abstract: Line heating is a complex thermal-mechanical process as many factors affect the final shape of a processed plate. Generally, the temperature...

Authors: Ci Jun Shuai, Pei Feng, Cheng De Gao, Ying Zhou, Shu Ping Peng

Abstract: A three-dimensional finite element model has been created to study the change rules of temperature field during the laser sintering process...

Authors: Yi Wei Dong, Ding Hua Zhang, Kun Bu, Yang Qing Dou

Abstract: In order to avoid tremendous modifications of the die cavity for investment casting of turbo blades, this paper proposed an inverse...

Authors: Li Qiu, Yi Liang Lv, Cheng Xi Jiang, Xiao Tao Han, Liang Li

Abstract: The effect of the motional electromagnetic force in the electromagnetic forming circuit on the workpiece velocity is analyzed. The...

Authors: Jun Feng Cai, Jian Zheng Yi, Tian Peng Li

Abstract: In the paper, The PVDF piezoelectric sensor was customized and the structure and test circuit of PVDF piezoelectric sensor is introduced....

Authors: Fei Yin, Hua Jie Mao, Lin Hua, Zhi Qiang Gu

Abstract: In this paper, die wear during fine-blanking process of a kind of automobile synchronizer slipper was investigated based on Finite Element...

Authors: Li Zhi Wen, Zhi Wei Guan, Jian Feng Song, Yue Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the model of the engine connection rod is founded by use of UG, and then joined in the ANSYS, applied the Multiphysics module...


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