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Authors: Dan Liu, Xiao Ting Xiao, Yi Juan Liao, Zheng Rong Zhang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:To form the thick-plate with the tubular bulge, the backward and forward extrusion and punch process is proposed. The thickness of sheet...
Authors: Li Chen, Bao Yun Song, Xiao Dong Luan
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Continuous extrusion is an advanced process for manufacturing copper bus-bar while preventing ring is an important factor affecting forming....
Authors: Li Hua Zhan, Yan Guang Li, Ming Hui Huang, Jian Guo Lin
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:In order to study the similarities and dissimilarities between creep and stress relaxation behavior of age formed aluminum alloys, both creep...
Authors: Jian Zhe Ma, Da Heng Mao, Ji Bin Li, Hong Zhi Wang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The material undergoes the different deformation stage and the changing history of strain-rate and temperature affects the microstructure...
Authors: Qin Xiang Xia, Ying Pin Wang, Ning Yuan, Xiu Quan Cheng
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The investigation of the effect of processing parameters on forming quality has been one of the highlight researches in spinning. The...
Authors: Hong Ping An, Jian Sheng Liu, Jian Guo Wu
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:As-cast 30Cr2Ni4MoV steel was researched quantificationally to obtain the distribution and pattern of the microcosmic defect. By means of...
Authors: Fei Feng, Shang Yu Huang, Jian Hua Hu, Fu Yang Gao, Chang Peng Song
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The electromagnetic connection processes of Aluminum alloy pipes were studied in the paper. Experimental coil and poles were designed...
Authors: Ju Jiang Cao, Xiao Hong Tian, Long Li
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Researches and analyzes an advanced cigarettes in this paper, with the help of 3d modeling software pro/E image intuitively emulation produce...
Authors: Yong Chen, Wen Chen Xu, De Bin Shan, Bin Guo
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The hot power spinning process of TA1 has been studied on the base of isothermal plane compression model in this paper. The microstructures...
Authors: Mo Wu Lu, Wei Qiang Zhao
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:This paper presents a numerical method for kinematics analysis of Multi-link suspension based on displacement matrix method. A mathematical...
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