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Authors: Yun Tao Wang, Nian Chun Lü, Jin Kang Zheng, Jin Cheng
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Dislocation distribution functions of the edges of mode III propagation crack subjected to Moving unit step load from a point was studied by...
Authors: Xi Jian Zheng, Zhen Lu, Ming Da Liu, Hong Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Based on the theory of structural mechanics, it has established that a simplified mechanical model of suspension platform of ZLP800 suspended...
Authors: Souad Toumi, Mourad Bentahar, Charfeddine Mechri, Fouad Boubenider, Rachid El Guerjouma
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:In this study, we present the characterisation of damage in polymer concrete using coda waves interferometry (CWI). The latter takes into...
Authors: Jiang Wen Liu, Guang Xue Chen, Tai Man Yue, Zhong Ning Guo, Zi Yao Wan
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:A new concavo-convex electrode has been designed and employed and it was reported that electrical discharge machining (EDM) of particulate...
Authors: Qiang Liu, Jing Bing Li, Zhi Jian Zong
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:In order to improve the simulation accuracy for arc welded structures, the refined numerical simulation approach using the solid model with...
Authors: Yan Cao, Hua Chen, Hai Xia Zhao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:On the basis of metal cutting and rigid-plastic finite element theories, taking cutting force in turning process as the research object, a...
Authors: Xiu Jian Tang, Xin Li Tian, Bao Guo Zhang, Keling Lin Lin
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Edge distance is the main factor inducing edge chipping. An edge chipping experiment is designed to study the relationships between edge...
Authors: Yun He, Min Xiao, Hao Ni, Yi Chuan Bian, Min Wang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:In this paper, four types P turning insert groove with 3D chip-breaker are investigated for the influence of cutting force, cutting...
Authors: Wen Bo Luo, Chu Hong Wang, Xiu Liu, Qiang Shen
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The influence of physical aging on mechanical properties of glassy polymers was investigated in this paper. After annealing above...
Authors: Xi Wei Zhai, Fu Rong Chen, Rui Ling Jia, Xiao Dong Wang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Abstract. 7A52 aluminum alloy plate was welded using twin-wire metal inert gas arc welding (TANDEM welding). Corrosion behavior of the welded...
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