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Authors: Yun Hai Jia
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:High deformation hardening, low thermal conductivity, high built-up edge tendency of austenitic stainless steels were the main factors that...
Authors: Sen Mu Zheng, Hong Ming Gao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:GMAW with strip electrode is a new method, which uses the flat wire with a rectangular cross-section to replace the conventional round wire...
Authors: Yu Yu Zhou, Yun Qing Rao, Guo Jun Zhang, Chao Yong Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Packing problem, which occurs frequently in sheet metal, clothing and furniture industry, cut product patterns from raw materials most...
Authors: Min Ke Sun, Dong Sheng Zhao, Yu Jun Liu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Dissimilar metal welded joints are widely used in engineering structures nowadays. Among the various types of material combinations,...
Authors: Nuo Bao, Chun Jie Wang, Lin Zhu, Shun Guang Song
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Thermal cycling was applied to assess the effect of tin-lead solder 63Sn37Pb and lead-free solder 95.5Sn3.8Ag0.7Cu on the reliability of 3D...
Authors: Guo Yu Hu, Wen Lei Sun
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:With the gearbox of a large-scale wind turbine as a study object, the virtual prototype model of gearbox is created based on UG and ADAMS...
Authors: Huan Ming Chen
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The experiments were performed with the self-made inverter power source of CO2 arc welding under constant power control and...
Authors: Hong Li, Guang Lei Li, Da Lu Qiu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:A solving method with complex variable function which is fit for numerical calculation for stress concentration phenomena on an infinite...
Authors: Qiu Cheng Wang, Wen Hui Ba
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Cryogenic machining is considered as an eco-friendly machining process in manufacturing industry. In order to study the influence of...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Ri Gao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Based on the data obtained by the strength test of simply supported Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) plate, the calculation method of simply...
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