Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Yi Chen, Yong Lin Ma, Shu Qing Xing

Abstract: To research effect of welding thermal cycle on the microstructure and mechanical properties of welded joint, two pieces of 60mm thick plates...

Authors: Zhi Wei, Ji Hong Jia, Mei Lin Gu, Chao Zuo, Xing Zhen Jin

Abstract: This paper describes the experimental system of milling force, the tool geometrical feature and the certain experimental condition in the...

Authors: Xin Chun Huang, Chang Feng Yao, Ding Hua Zhang, Jun Xue Ren

Abstract: To study of the temperature generating mechanism of Titanium Alloy Ti - 6Al - 4V in high speed, and the influence rule of the milling...

Authors: Hai Zhou, Zi Guo Zuo

Abstract: By the analysis of chemical mechanical polishing flow field about substrate, it is found that the closer to the center of the substrate...

Authors: Zhuo Ran Li, Bing Liu, Xiang Long Zhang, Ji Cai Feng

Abstract: Vacuum diffusion bonding characteristics of GH4169, interface bonding holes and mechanical properties of the joints were investigated. The...

Authors: Zhuo Ran Li, Guang Dong Wu, Zheng Zheng Wang, Ji Cai Feng

Abstract: ZrB2-SiC ceramic composites was brazed by using Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu active filler in a vacuum furnace. The microstructure and interfacial...

Authors: Qing Ming Wang, Hai Long Lin

Abstract: Using the basic model of double edge cutting, the minimum value of the total shear area produced by the two cutting edges is calculated to...

Authors: Kai Yang, Li Wu Liu, Kai Ping Yu, Xiang Hao Kong

Abstract: By three-point bending experiments on XY-plane of thin-walled super alloy honeycomb sandwich with different types and dimensions of...

Authors: Fang Po Li, Yong Gang Liu, Wang Yong

Abstract: The failure cause of Φ127mm G105 IEU drill pipe upset was investigated through mechanical properties testing, optical morphologies and...

Authors: Zhi Zun Li, Wen Tong Xin, Feng Qi Han, Li Feng Qu

Abstract: Manual SHS welding is a new method of emergency welding based on SHS reaction. The large amount of Al2O3 created in the reaction restricts...


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