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Authors: Hao Min Huang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Conventional methods of design to be completed ordinary hydraulic transmission gear gearbox design, but for such a non-planet-rule entity,...
Authors: Zhi Gang Xu, Rui Hu Zhou, Hong Yan Gan
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Because the side-blown protection effect in the laser welding is insufficient, and its convenience and flexibility are restricted. Laser...
Authors: Bo Yang, Ji An Duan
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:This paper describes a new active optical alignment method that is developed for the alignment of optical fibers to planar waveguide in order...
Authors: Han Ming Cai, Han Bin Liu, Ting Ting Xing
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:This article adopts genetic algorithm to solve the problem of guillotine rectangular stock cutting, and designs a new crossover operator and...
Authors: Ya Jun Yin, Jian Xin Zhou, Tao Chen
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:According to the calculation model of the keyhole porfile[1], the 3D point cloud data is calculated. Then, the paper establishes a physical...
Authors: Yuan Sheng Zhou, Xu Jing Yang, Ze Zhong Chevy Chen
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:A vector calculation method is proposed to compute the tool envelope surface in five-axis machining. By introducing the typical five-axis...
Authors: Jun Hu Yang, Ying Xu, Jian Jiang Luo, Bing Duo Hou
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:Ejection seat is the most important life-saving tool in warcraft. We analyze of the reason why the ejection mechanism works in advance in...
Authors: Min Zhang, Guo Qiang Yuan, Sheng Sun, Yu Xi Jia
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The three-dimensional numerical simulation model of two polymer melts flowing through the traffic circle section path was founded. The...
Authors: Hao Fan, Hang Li, Dong Hong Si, Yu Jun Xue, Guo Feng Wang, Ji Shun Li
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The method was proposed by use of the finite element analysis software ABAQUS and the BP neural network technology to build a synthesis error...
Authors: Lian Qing Ji, Kun Liu
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The history and application of the FEA are briefly presented in this paper. Several key technologies such as the building of material model,...
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