Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Hui An, Qian Li, Jie Yu Zhang

Abstract: The isothermal section at 573 K of the Ni-Cu-La system was experimentally validated as well as the Mg-La-Cu system was thermodynamically...

Authors: Shu Hao Ban, Ai Ping Hu, Xue Dong Jiang, Xiao Yan Li

Abstract: The constitutive equations, describing the relations between stresses and strains in the single layer graphene, were obtained based on the...

Authors: M. Azuddin, Z Taha, Imtiaz Ahmed Choudhury

Abstract: The flow of plastic melt in macro and micro parts during the filling phase of injection molding is an interesting area to discover. The...

Authors: Zhi Qi Huang

Abstract: Using the improved Ant Colony Algorithm to optimize torsion bar diameter, and take the optimization results into practice. Results not only...

Authors: Wei Guo, Hua Jie Mao, Qing Xu

Abstract: In this study, the automotive glove-box-cover was decided as a model, which was assembled on the instrument panel. The material of the cover...

Authors: Qing Li, Li Dai, Zhi Gao Huang, Hua Min Zhou

Abstract: In the plastic injection molding process, interaction between design and analysis is very intensive. However, current computer-aided systems...

Authors: Yu Chun Man, Xue Jun Zhang

Abstract: The grafting polymerization reaction of Hemp fibers and acrylonitrile was studied in this paper, discussed hyperchromatic solution of Hemp...

Authors: Xiao Bo Liu, Wen Kang Yan

Abstract: Based on Hyperbolic sine relationship proposed by Sellar and Tegart rheology stress model for high-purity high-temperature plastic...

Authors: Jun Chen Li, Xu Dong Li, Jie Sheng

Abstract: In order to quantify the design and simulation of various types of composite microstructure, through the Visual C++ programming language...

Authors: Li Li Yao, Hai Bo Shi, Chang Liu, Zhong Hua Han

Abstract: With the characteristics of un-touching, high-automatic and high-speed, we measured 3D shape by digital moiré patterns. And it can measure...


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