Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Fa Tan, Xiao Long Wang, Yi Qiang Tu, Hua Tan, Chun Hua Zhou, Long He

Abstract: In order to improve the wear resistance of drill tools, stellite190 welding coatings were prepared by oxygen-acetylene flame welding...

Authors: Yu Xi Liu, Su Zheng Wu

Abstract: Based on sports of machine tool and characteristic of involute outline internal helical gear , so gain mathematic model and tooth face...

Authors: Gang Jin, Xin Liang Zhao, Meng Meng Wang

Abstract: A detailed experimental research on the rheological measurement by torque-rheometer (TR) based on a measuring model established by former...

Authors: Qing Sheng Liu, Hai Feng Tang, Hui Fang

Abstract: An apparatus to measure compressive creep in carbon cathode materials has been developed. Short-time creep were measured at 30°C,965°C and...

Authors: Che Ming Chiang, Kun Chih Huang, Ching Chang Lee, Cheng Chen Chen

Abstract: With the countries in the world gradually emphasize that the well-controlled of indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environment health (IEH)...

Authors: Yi Zhuo Zhang, Da Yong Wang, Zhi Wei Zhou, Shi Quan Tao

Abstract: Digital holography microscopy has been widely used as a testing technology in many areas for the ability of real-time three-dimensional...

Authors: Mo Wu Lu, Wei Qiang Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical method for kinematics analysis of Mcpherson suspension based on displacement matrix method. A mathematical...

Authors: Hua Shen, He Liang, Wei Dong Yang, Bing Xiang Liu, Tian Shu Li, Guang Chun Yao

Abstract: In this paper, AL-Mg-Mn-RE series alloys are becamed object of study.They are prouced with pure alumimum, pure Mg,electrolytic Mn and mix...

Authors: Jian Hui Zhou, Yu Jing Lu, Bao Hua Huang, Yan Ping Huo, Kun Zhang

Abstract: Preparation of biodiesel from tung oil catalyzed by five Brǒnsted acidic ionic liquids (ILs) with propyl sulfonic acid group was...

Authors: Meriem Amoura, Fadela Haddad

Abstract: As a result of the changes that occurs the lubricant oil during their use, aged engine oils tend to differ in chemical and physical...


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