Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ju Zhou, Jia Man Feng, Jin Jie Lei, Jun Wen Yuan

Abstract: Salt slurry is the solid waste of the salt industry. The study object is the salt slurry before filter in Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex....

Authors: Xue Jiang, Ji Hua Bao, Yan Yu, Ming Xia Gu

Abstract: According to the periodic structure of the plate-fin heat exchanger, 3D model of the heat exchanger is established which simplifies the...

Authors: Ye Zhang, Chang You Li, Zhi Wei Mai, Feng Ying Xu, Li Xu

Abstract: In order to investigate the static pressure loss of the maize deep-bed drying related to the ratio of air flux to grain mass, the...

Authors: Qing Ju Tang, Jun Yan Liu, Yang Wang

Abstract: The non-destructive pulsed phase thermography technique was used to detect metal specimen with flat blind-bottom holes and composite...

Authors: Zhong Min Wan, Jun Hua Wan, Jing Liu, Xi Chen, Ka Lin Su

Abstract: Dealing with a droplet on the flow channel of PEMFC, a mathematical model based on the force balance of the flow force, gravity and...

Authors: Ching Liang Chen, Yung Chung Chang

Abstract: Recently, the semiconductor manufacturing industry has exhibited not only fast growth, but intense power consumption. Consequently, reducing...

Authors: Zhi Wei Mai, Chang You Li, Ye Zhang, Feng Ying Xu, Ying Ling Lu

Abstract: Using a special Test-Bed, the temperature and the grain moisture content variation in different locations was measured continuously, under...

Authors: Xian Guo Liu, Li Juan Sun

Abstract: A new solving approach for constraint problem was proposed in this paper, the constraint problem needed to solve was decomposed not into...

Authors: Ru Feng Xu, Zhi Tong Chen

Abstract: With the continuous improvement of the calculation speed of computer, tool positioning methods based on numerical calculation in five-axis...

Authors: Lei Zhong, Qing Zhen Bi, Yu Han Wang, Han Ding

Abstract: A high-precision and efficient machining method of plane double enveloping hourglass worm is proposed. The worm tooth surface is first...


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