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Authors: Shu Jun Li, Xiao Hang Wan, Zhao Wei Dong, Yuan Yuan
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Adopted the Lagrange quality point coordinate system description method used the FEM analysis software, the reasonable two-dimension...
Authors: Song Ying Chen, Jun Jie Mao, Wei Qiang Wang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:It is found that the tube damage is caused by two induced factors: bubbles erosion as a dispersed phase and chemical composition of water...
Authors: Mitsuaki Murata, Syuhei Kurokawa, Osamu Ohnishi, Toshiro Doi, Michio Uneda
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Tool-work thermo-electromotive force (E.M.F.) is very important signal because it is regarded as the evidence of direct cutting phenomenon at...
Authors: Feng Yun Yu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Tensile tests were carried out on demagnetization 16Mn and Q235 steel samples at loading state, and the magnetic memory characteristics were...
Authors: Jian Ming Yang, Yi Qiang He, Hua Qiang Li, Bin Qiao, Jin Song Chen
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Take electrolytic copper powder and SiC powder as the raw materials, apply powder injection moulding to prepare SiCp/Cu composite, while the...
Authors: Fan Yu Kong, Guo Jian Hu, Xu Li
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:It has a great tendency to the problem of environmental cracking under the service condition of LPG containing wet H2S surpassing the lowest...
Authors: Jian Qiang Lv, Kang Le Tian, Yu Jun Hu, Hong Gao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Three-dimensional pattern design of processing draft
Authors: Yong Hui Zhu, Hui Chen, Zhong Yin Zhu, Chuan Ping Ma, Li Jun Wang, Gui Guo Wang, Jin Peng Yu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:For the high speed train, safety is the most important factor. Flash welding is the primary technology for the seamless line rail in Chinese...
Authors: Hong Bing Zhao, Ying Fei Nan
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Deep hole honing is the primary way of finishing, the main problems existing now are the low efficiency, high surface roughness, especially...
Authors: Zhi Feng Hao, Qing Qing Wu, Ming Sun, Jian Yu, Yi Peng Guo, Yao Rao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:A series of water-based no-clean fluxes composed of an anion/nonion binary surfactant were investigated. The wetting behavior of Sn0.7Cu and...
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