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Authors: Zhi Qiang Cheng, Cedric Quinard, Xiang Ji Kong, Thierry Barriere, Bao Sheng Liu, Jean Claude Gelin
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The viscous behavior of feedstocks plays the crucial role in Micro MIM. It affects directly injectability of the components and finally...
Authors: Yu Ping Zhang, Guang Zhen Wei, Lai Min Xu
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:This article analyses the characters of piercing process inside of automobile cover parts. It introduces the designing structure, its...
Authors: Hai Hui Chen
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:New hydraulic bulge method and estimated conjoint results were explored. The equipment’s overall water pressure test is developed to get...
Authors: Xiao Juan Dong, Jian Bing Meng, Zhan Min Yin, Chang Ning Ma
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:A mathematical model was established to describe the electromagnetic, heat flow and fluid flow phenomena within a combined plasma arc. In the...
Authors: Xian Feng Chen, Zhong Qi Yu, Shu Hui Li
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Forming limit curve (FLC) is an important tool for assessing formability of steel metal. It is commonly obtained from experiment, theoretical...
Authors: Qing Guo Chen, Jun Cai Zhang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Sintering temperature influences on sintering process essentially. Laser power and scanning speed determined sintering temperature. Preheat...
Authors: Er Tuan Zhao, Fan Tao Kong, Yuong Chen
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Investment casting technique presents more advantages in the production of accuracy and versatility components. The mechanical performance of...
Authors: Ming Deng, Yu Qin Wu, Lin Lv
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:This paper describes the research status of the warm stamping at home and abroad. The status of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy is...
Authors: Rong Hai Zhang, Ning Yuan Zhu, Gai Pin Cai
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:As a contact of vibrational rotary forging is highly nonlinear, the contact area and boundary between rotary toolhead and workpiece had more...
Authors: Hua Dian Wen, Xiao Ting Xiao, Li Guang Tan, Kai Zhang, Ying Chen
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Multi-way tube on air conditioning header is considered as the research objective .Finite element simulation method is utilized to simulate...
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