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Authors: Jian Min Chen, Meng Zhang, Jia Deng
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:The paper firstly numerically simulates the coupled model of triangle fastening screw threads in the application of ANSYS software. Calculate...
Authors: Xin Li Tian, Ke Ling Lin, Bao Guo Zhang, Chun Fang Xue
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:A theoretical model of heat transfer for Si3N4 ceramics during micro-detonation of arc strike machining was established. Based on finite...
Authors: Kang Deng
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Abstract:In this paper, we study a simplified single step full discrete scheme for a class of semilinear hyperbolic problems of second order. At first...
Authors: Yi Liu, Ji Shun Li
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The stress distribution of the high - pressure grinding roller is an important index of the grinding mill design. A simulation model of high...
Authors: Yan Li, Sheng Wang, Xiao Lei Wang, Wen Kui Ma, Jun Liu
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:This paper introduces an analysis technology in detecting the alcohol content in human blood after drunken that bases on reflectionof Raman...
Authors: Cheng Jun Pan, Yi Da Tang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:This study describes the results on the performance of one vehicle air conditioning system. The coefficient of performance, evaporator...
Authors: Da Chun Yang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:For plate steel castings, the foundry technology was designed according to the dynamic directional solidification of proportional...
Authors: Jian Lan, Yong Zhang, Chang Peng Song, Lin Hua
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The shrinkage cavity defect of the extruded boss is harmful to the quality of fine blanking workpiece and process. To suppress the shrinkage...
Authors: Jun Ying Min, Jian Ping Lin, Li Jiu Xin, Jia Yue Li
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:During the indirect hot stamping process of boron steel, the pre-deformed component undergoes air cooling, one-side-contact cooling and...
Authors: Ying Ying Liu, Ze Kun Yao, Hong Zhen Guo, Fang Lin Wu
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The Ti3Al/TC11 dual alloy bar joined by electron beam welding was deformed by near isothermal forging and then processed by gradient heat...
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