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Authors: Kang Kang Hu, Xiong Qi Peng, Jun Chen, Hong Sheng Lu, Jian Zhang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The forming process simulation and springback prediction of an automobile body panel is implemented by using JSTAMP/LS-DYNA. Yoshida-Uemori...
Authors: Zhong Tang Wang, Shi Hong Zhang, Ming Cheng, De Fu Li
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Abstract: It had been put forward that a new method to establish material constitutive model based on extrusion test, which was that the...
Authors: Lei Wang, Jie Li, Bao Wei Li, Jun Wang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:In this paper, the method of “floatation—microwave magnetic roasting—low intensity magnetic separation” which aims to utilize the iron and Nb...
Authors: Wei Ping Yang, Yong Bo Wu, Hong Fei Yang
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Considering the technical status and existing problems of traditional silicon wafer chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), especially for the...
Authors: Ling Ling, Yuan Sheng Zeng
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:Through compassion of relative merits of the existing two control methods of straighten anti-curve line and chord line measure for...
Authors: Gang Wang, Zhi Peng Zhang, Cheng Bo Liu, Xia Sheng
Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The quick plastic forming (QPF) behavior for fine-grained AZ91D magnesium alloy sheet with the thickness of 1.0 mm and the grain size of 6.0...
Authors: Ai Jiu Chen, Jing Wang, Zhan Fang Ge, Ming Wu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Using orthogonal test, the influence of variable mixing proportions of recycled coarse aggregate, polypropylene fibre and air entraining and...
Authors: Shao Hsien Chen, Sen Chieh Su, Po Chun Chang, Shuo Yan Chou, Kong King Shieh
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:As prosperous in automobile and aerospace industries, the competition in machining industry is getting fierce. The requirements for product...
Authors: Wen Jiao Dan, Wei Gang Zhang, Shu Hui Li
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The hardening behaviours of transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steels depended on the martensite transformation from the retained...
Authors: Ju Won Jeong, Young Ik Yoo, Jung Ju Lee, Jae Hyuk Lim, Kyung Won Kim, Do Soon Hwang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:This paper presents a novel hinge mechanism for deployment of spacecraft subsystems such as antennas, solar arrays. By using Axiomatic design...
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