Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: He En Chen, Han Wu He, Zhi Yuan He

Abstract: Volumetric 3D display system (alternatively known as true 3D display system) has recently seen great progress. Powerful and functional...

Authors: Li Na Guo, Jin Chen, Jun De Pan

Abstract: A higher hardness carburized layer was formed on the surface of purity titanium by a double glow plasma hydrogen-free carburizing technique...

Authors: Chun Keun Jang, Cheol Jun Song, Wang Yao, Ki Hoon Jang, Jae Yun Jaung

Abstract: Fluorescent chromophores are generally known to have planar and rigid -conjugation systems, and we have been interested in the chemistry of...

Authors: Adam Grajcar, Roman Kuziak

Abstract: Two 5Mn-1.5Al TRIP steels with and without Nb microaddition were developed in the present study. The steels contain bainite, martensite,...

Authors: Hung Yin Tsai, Mei Ting Lu, Shao Wei Luo

Abstract: Simulation on transmittance for different submicron-structures by finite difference time domain method is studied. The objectives of this...

Authors: Xin Ping Su, Ai Dong Guo, Fu Ming Yin, Guang Kun Nie, Jin Yao Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an applied classic control theory is adopted for the dynamics analysis for the electro-hydraulic servo drive device in which...

Authors: Sheng Li Wang, Zhen Xia Li, Li Bing Yang, Li Bin Liu, Yu Tian

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) has been a widely applied process for hard disk substrates with nickel–phosphorous (Ni–P) plated. In...

Authors: Bin Cai, Ye Fa Tan, Hui Yong Ji, Xiao Long Wang, Long He, Qi Feng Jing

Abstract: In order to reduce friction coefficient of the Ni-base alloy coating and further improve its wear resistance, the graphite/TiC/Ni-base alloy...

Authors: Xin Feng, Yan Qiu Xia

Abstract: AISI 1045 steels were laser-clad with Ni-based powder by CO2 HJ-4 coherent laser. The phase composition of the laser-cladding coating was...

Authors: Xiao Fei Yao, Fa Qin Xie, Guo Xian Zhao, Yong Han, Xiang Qing Wu

Abstract: Using as high strength and corrosion resistance of tubing material, the wear properties of TC4 alloy and P110 tubing steel were...


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