Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Yuan Liu, Xiao Yue Zhang, Xin Li, Ming Zhang, Xiu Juan Zheng

Abstract: In foundation, crack width of uplift cast-in-place pile will exceed the limit of code. Reinforcement of piles has to be increased and...

Authors: Zhen Po Wang, Hai Bin Han, Lu Zeng

Abstract: The short driving range and long charging time are two big problems for electric vehicles. A concept of battery pack automatic replacement...

Authors: Jun Ru Yang, Gong Ling Chen, Li Li Zhang

Abstract: Taking the cladding material structure with double interface cracks parallel to and lying on the interface as the study object, based on the...

Authors: Yong Yang, Lei Wang, Wei Li

Abstract: The mesopic vision theory is used to study illumination properties of series of light sources, through the test of luminous spectrum and...

Authors: Wei Wang, Fang Pu Yang, Jing Bao Shi, Ming Fu Luo

Abstract: With the development of the petroleum industry ,the separation technology has made progress. The cyclone separator with different structure...

Authors: Xiang Lu, Li Jun Ren

Abstract: The process of liner wear and the changing characteristics of the ability of crushing and grinding in the coal pulverizer are analyzed, a...

Authors: Jin Fang Wu, Qing Wang, Steng Tao Zhang, Lin Liang Yin

Abstract: Methionine (MET) as a corrosion inhibitor for brass in O2-free 1M NaOH solution was investigated using weight loss, polarization curves,...

Authors: Shou Xu Song, Ji Ru Zhao, Tao Liu

Abstract: In order to estimate the residual life of waste drive axle housing, the prediction model of waste axle housings with artificial neural...

Authors: Zheng Tao Zhang, Xiao Bo Liao

Abstract: This article describes the mechanical structure design method of the stacking-destacking robot and puts forward part kinematics analysis. In...

Authors: Ye Fei, Xue Feng Zhang, Qiong Wu

Abstract: The paper studies the QY20 truck crane slewing mechanism hydraulic system and expounded its working principle. The models of slewing...


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