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Authors: Jin Wen, Shu Zhen Sun
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The high average thermal expansion required for thermal compatibility of dental porcelain with their substrate alloy is supplied by the...
Authors: Min Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Book design is carried out and elaborated within a space of compact size and limited storage amount. It is not easy to accomplish a novel...
Authors: Min Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:With the rapid development of science and technology, science fiction products are gradually becoming realistic and stepping into and...
Authors: Xiao Bo Xing, Bao Jun Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The problem facing of spool used in high pressure wellhead is illustrated. The methods and steps of conventional design and autofrettage...
Authors: Ru Shan Yan
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:With the digitization of the whole society, digital reading becomes a new form of information-receiving, and technologies and products...
Authors: Wen Qing Yang, Bi Feng Song, Wen Ping Song, Zhan Ke Li, Ya Feng Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A numerical simulation method is presented in this paper for 3D low speed micro flapping-wing with complex kinematics. The main...
Authors: Jian Kun Cui
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Frequently wiggle of wrists is the primary cause of muscle fatigue and occupational diseases in the computer keyboard operation. It is...
Authors: Zhen Yin, Hua Li, Bang Fu Wang, Ke Feng Song
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on FEM, a new type of ultrasonic elliptic vibrator design method was proposed, the ultrasonic elliptic vibration was achieved by the...
Authors: Xiang Jun Ma, Li Gang Wu, Shi Xun Dai, Bo You Zhou, Kun Bai, Zhao Yong Zheng
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Heat dissipation of high-power LED lamps has become a key technology to LED package due to the improvement of the LED output power. A...
Authors: Syed Ghafoor Shah, Gui Li Xu, Wei Ji Ni, Yong Qiang Ye
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:This paper proposes a new method for measuring 3D coordinates of a point using a single camera vision system. The contact point is determined...
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