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Authors: Ji Li He
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Nowadays a general platform has played an important role in the product design process. As the traditional similarity measure used in module...
Authors: Yi Min Qin, Li Qing Huang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In order to improve the absorption properties of chitosan wound dressings, this paper used chloro-acetic acid to convert chitosan fibers into...
Authors: Yu Jun Feng, Zheng Ye Xiong, Yong Qiang Li, Cun You Huang, Wen Qing Shi, Jing Min Chen
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on laser and capacitive sensor, a method of measuring deflectable angle is presented, and a noncontact angle measuring system is...
Authors: Wei Shi, Li Li Ma
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The thermal conductivity problem of functionally graded plate is studied under different temperature fields by a new concise BEM in this...
Authors: Yong Yang, Gui Chen Zhang, Wen Yong Tang, Chi Dong Che, Jie Ma
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:It’s very impending for our country and scientists to build a new polar scientific icebreaker in order to take the place of the scientific...
Authors: Lin Jing Xiao, Li Fu Zhuang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In order to study the influence of convex hull density on friction contact of bionic surface, we observed the 3-D structure of locust, tree...
Authors: Xiao Zhen Chen, Xue Jun Zhang, Zhi Zhang Ren
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The rule of full stress is the most direct and effective method of the optimal design for shape steel truss. The full stress optimal design...
Authors: Mei Wang, Guo Ding Chen, Yong Xiao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The generalized stress and strength distribution interference theory is introduced to establish the reliability model of torsion spring in...
Authors: Wei Ji, Guo Hua Qin, Hai Chao Ye
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A multi-level finite element analysis approach is introduced to investigate force-induced deformations in milling of overall thin-walled...
Authors: Suo Kui Tan, Xiao Ping Song, Li Qiao, Hong Yan Guo, Song Ji, Hong Zhao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:By way of mechanical properties test and microstructure observation,the effect of Urea on TiO2 particles has been researched,it...
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