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Authors: Ji Kang Bo
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Hydraulic poppet valve often works in fluid-solid coupling state. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the multidisciplinary coupling...
Authors: Zhong Min Wan, Zu Yi Zheng, Huan Xin Chen, Jun Liu, Ting Xiang Jin
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:According to the structural characteristics of floor standing air-conditioner,three dimensional numerical model of air duct system for a...
Authors: Wei Qi Li, Jun Hong, Yun Long Li, Yi Zhang, Zong Bin Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Product tolerance is one of the important factors which affect the quality and cost of product. However, influenced by many complicated...
Authors: Hong Chang Ke, Hui Wang, Hong Yu Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Thinking of the characteristics of the human visual system, proposed a target detection model of attention mechanism which was based on...
Authors: Jian Wen Chen, Lei Li, Jin Chun Song, Zhan Jun He
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In CNC machine tools servo feed system, there are many uncertain parameters, it is difficult to establish accurate mathematical model of the...
Authors: Jian Li
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Molecular dynamics simulation is performed on the inter-tube friction force and energy dissipation of double-walled carbon nanotube...
Authors: Peng Cheng He, Fang Jia, En Lai Zheng, Xin Ji
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The plane supporting spring, the radial stiffness of which is considered as one of the most significant parameters in design process and...
Authors: Shi Fu Xu, Xiao Qiang Du, Lei Zhang, Xi Wei Yang, Li Hui Lao
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The mechanism innovative design plays a quite important role in mechanical product processing. In this paper, a systematic method is...
Authors: Dian Mo Zheng, Sheng Gan Zhu, Li Ping Wu
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Activated starch was prepared by ball milling before used. Graft copolymerization of acrylamide onto activated starch was carried out in...
Authors: Shu Yang, Chang Qi, Ping Hu, Zhi Yong Wei, Ying Li Wang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Based on Solid Isotropic Microstructure with Penalization (SIMP) method, a mathematical model for topology optimization of EV is proposed,...
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