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Authors: Shu Hong Ba, Chun Hong Jiang, Kang Bo Sun, Zhen Xing Sun
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:The micron expanded graphite is prepared by the method of chemical oxidation. Sulfuric acid and ice acetic acid are used as inserting...
Authors: Jun Jun Lv, Ming Yu Li, Qing Xuan Zeng
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:Copper oxide was prepared via the calcination of copper oxalate precursor. By using high-temperature solvent method, the precursor decomposed...
Authors: De Jian Yang, Peng Fei Song
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:A research is made on the different influence on frame structure stiffness between straight board stairs and fold board stairs. The research...
Authors: Bu Ming Chen, Zhong Cheng Guo, Hui Huang
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:During electrodepositing pure lead dioxide, the electrocatalytic activity of PbO2 electrodes, as well as their stability, can...
Authors: Ai Ying Meng
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:Aiming at the problem of more difficult and low efficiency to assembly 63PF2 conveying chain, the work measurement, action research and...
Authors: Nan Xiao, Yu Hou Wu, Yan Liu, Ke Zhang
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) model and the optimal decision-making model is applied to the design of special-shaped stone Machining...
Authors: Dong Mei Liao, Yan Ming Chen, Jin Jiang, Pin Guo Zou, Xun Zhao
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:Recently, polyethylene coating steel pipe has been extensively applied to water delivery in south-east China. However, similar applications...
Authors: Hao Wang, Guo Xing Wu, Ji Kang Zhong
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:The wave character of atoms can produce Casimir-like size effects in gases confined in a narrow box. A general micro/nano scaled model of the...
Authors: Yong Jie Ma, Xi Lu Liu, Guang Liang Zhang
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:The state study on mechanical properties’ changes of X80 steel at different quenching temperature. The results showed that the quenching...
Authors: Wen Chen
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:Four-wheel steering (4WS) is an advanced vehicle control technique which can improve steering characteristics. Compared with traditional two...
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