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Authors: Zhi Hua Ding, Zheng Bao Lei, Mu Xi Lei
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:A vibrational energy-recycling vibration damper is introduced which can recycle some vibrational energy by exporting pressurized oil from...
Authors: Hu Chen, Cun Yun Pan, Hai Jun Xu, Hao Deng, Wei Yang Zhang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:The internal energy of working fluid in Twin-Rotor piston engine is transmitted into mechanical energy by differential velocity...
Authors: Shun Tian Yang, Mei Wu Peng, Wei Shen, Hong Tao Chen
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:Integration of the cognitive approach to human body and the technical system as the main design theory and information technology, innovative...
Authors: Xiao Liu Liu, Qi Shang
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:To solve the problems of bending, deformation, complicated, hard to center occurred in the assembly welding of coiled tubing; the coiled...
Authors: Cai Hong Yang, Shi Ming Yang, Yun Lei Hou
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:This paper proposes a new description method of truss structure based on adjacent matrix and the expression of element stiffness matrix (ESM)...
Authors: Si Yi Luo, Yang Min Zhou, Chui Jie Yi
Innovative Design Methodology
Abstract:In this paper a novel two-inlet MSW shredder was presented to overcome the intermission work of the single-course shredder. The reliability...
Authors: Xiao Ling Cui, Xin Ming Shi, Shi You Li
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:A series of lanthanide complexes with acetylacetonate and a new asymmetrical...
Authors: Wen Bin Sun
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:A diagnostic technique that can estimate quantitatively wear amounts under lubricated condition was tentatively designed using the on-line...
Authors: Lang Li, Guo Ping Chen
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:There is a new idea on the billet casting Q235 with size of 165mm×165 mm,It involves a couple technology to cool molten steel both from...
Authors: Jin Feng Chen, Huan Yi
Product Life Cycle Design
Abstract:This work reported that porous flower-like CeO2 microspheres have been successfully synthesized via a controlled template-free precipitation...
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