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Authors: Ming Xu Pan, Li Hai Wang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Based on the development of forestry machinery and the causes for tractor accident, this paper analyzed the necessity of improving the small...
Authors: Yi Min Xia, Wen Hua Liu, Jing Xue, Yuan Wu, Xin Ming Zhang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In the process of shield tunneling construction, the energy consumption is a prominent issue. The disc cutter blade angle, blade tip width...
Authors: Yang Jun Luo, Xiao Xiang Wu, Alex Li
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:For generating a more reasonable initial layout configuration, a three-dimensional topology optimization methodology of the steel-concrete...
Authors: Miao Cui, Xiao Wei Gao, Hai Geng Chen
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:A new inverse algorithm is proposed for the reconstruction of the total heat exchange factor, which is concerned with transient heat...
Authors: Ming Qin Zhang, Dong Sheng Cong, Hai Ying Qin, Qin He, Sha Sha Zhang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Based on lines of technological system evolution in TRIZ, the seminar analyzed the current situation of the stereo garage development,...
Authors: Tie Jun Li, Cheng Shi Zhu, Li Qun Yan, Li Xin, Jian Rong Ning
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The analysis of motion and mechanics property was carried out on the five hinged incline arranged and double elbowed force increasing...
Authors: Yan Ma, Chun Mei Yang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper is based on the urgent problem of furniture industry that is to increase the utilization of sheet material and improve the speed...
Authors: Ke Zhen Tang, Jun Fang Ni, Ke Gang Xu
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The overall flow time of the coating workshop for cutting tools is set as the scheduling objective. The problems of production scheduling of...
Authors: Yong Tao Zhao, Jun Hui Dong, Yong Lin Ma, Jun Wei Zhou
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Q390 steel owns lots of good mechanical properties, it is used in many fields. By means of Gleeble 1500D thermal simulation machine, high...
Authors: Chun Yan Shi, Jia Hu Yuan, Fan Wu, Yong Jian Wan
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Fluid jet polishing (FJP) is a computer controlled polishing (CCP) process. As the water effect of concave optics surface, the slurry won’t...
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