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Authors: Liao Qiao Yang, Jian Zheng Hu, Zun Miao Chen, Jian Hua Zhang, Alan G. Li
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In this paper, a novel super large metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor with three inlets located on the periphery of...
Authors: Wei Li, Chuan Zheng Zhu, Yong Yang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:As the wide application of retroreflective materials, following problems such as safety warning effect, quality, manufacturing technology,...
Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Luo
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper proposes a meshless Galerkin level set method for structural shape and topology optimization of continua. To taking advantage of...
Authors: Li Qun Wu, Yan Chao
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Roughness parameters such as the root-mean-square (RMS) roughness in super smooth surfaces are heavily influenced by evaluation ways and...
Authors: Cai An Fu, Jun Jian Ye
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Such evaluation standards as plumpness, roundness, force of cold upsetting, and the volume are made through the research on cold upsetting...
Authors: Cai An Fu, Guang Pan Peng
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Accord to the research on microcosmic mechanism of steel ball grinding, analyze the law of abrasive’s movement on the surface of steel ball,...
Authors: Cai An Fu, Kun Ji
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of steel ball processing, analyze the main influential factors, to propose the new technology...
Authors: Shan Bao Pei, Rong Zhong Liu
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:According to the characteristics of the shape of sounding board, the structure is immersed in gunpowder pulsation flow, the virtual mass...
Authors: Fei Hu, Yu Wei Chen, Xiao Dan Wang, Xiao Hong Li
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Anodic dissolution on p-type silicon thin film in hydrofluoric acid solutions leads to a reduction of roughness on these surfaces. The...
Authors: Rong Qiao Wang, Zhi Gang Jia, Jiang Fan, Dian Yin Hu, Xiu Li Shen, Zhi Ying Chen
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:A new improved multidiscipline feasible (MDF) strategy based on the updating approximate function constructed by Response Surface Method...
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