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Authors: Ming Yang, Zhan Shuang Hu, Wei Ping Zhao
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper briefly introduces the basic principle of threshold partition firstly, and researches an analyses the threshold partition of ant...
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jin Chun Song, Song Li
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper focuses on a general weight lightening method of machine tool's key moving parts based on frequency topology optimization and...
Authors: Kun Yu Yang, Xiao Jun Xu, Hong Yi Qu, Rui Lin Lai
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Cracks were occurred in welding lines at An Aero engine fuel - oil heat exchanger and oil spills were caused. But shortly, after welding...
Authors: Shu Ran Song, Yao Can Ruan, Zhen Li, Tian Sheng Hong, Cheng Zhang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The spraying efficiency can be greatly improved by using pipeline spraying in larger orchard, meanwhile, labor strength could be reduced...
Authors: Zhi Hao Zuo, Yi Min Xie, Bang Zhao
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The mathematical development of structural topology optimization provides a mature tool for design optimization, although the application is...
Authors: Qing Jie Sun, Hai Feng Hu, Xin Yuan, Ji Cai Feng
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper reviews the research of narrow-gap TIG welding. It contains narrow-gap welding with double arcs, narrow-gap welding with double...
Authors: Hong Song Zhang, Gang Yi Cai, Shu Sen Yang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Effect of substrate conditions, including material type, thickness and radius of substrate, on residual thermal stresses of plasma spraying...
Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang, Chao Fu, Jun Gang Zhou
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The communication module was designed based on DeviceNet bus technology in this paper, which had the circuit-breaker used in the DeviceNet....
Authors: Xiao Ming Yuan, Li Jie Zhang, Bing Du, Qiu Zhong Wang, Da Xing Zeng
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Based on the characteristics of steel structure of the furnace, a generic finite element model, automatic loading, analysis and...
Authors: Li Hua Tao, Ren Jiang Li, Jun Feng Bai
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In order to evaluate a RMS roundly and objectively, a multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation approach based on analytic hierarchy process...
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