Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Jiang Guo, Xi Yan Gao, Yun Bang Tang

Abstract: Based on the ideas of wall-guiding-spray and spatial dispersion, A new type of diesel engine double-wall-jet combustion system is designed....

Authors: Yang Liu, Da Wang, Min Hai Chen

Abstract: Based on the time history analysis method, some curve long-span rigid frame bridge with super high pier in Sichuan was taken as the studying...

Authors: Wei Gang Guo, Wei Han, Shu Yan Liu

Abstract: The fault tree analysis is a widely used method for evaluation of systems reliability and safety. Dynamic fault tree (DFT) extend...

Authors: Wu Bin Li, Chang Hou Lu, Jian Chuan Zhang

Abstract: Rolling steel surface defect inspection technology based on machine vision is more and more widely used. The latest progress of vision-based...

Authors: Li Jun Qiu, Jia Yang, Su Ying Xu

Abstract: Turbocharger turbine shaft thrust bearing is the role of high-speed rotating turbine to withstand the axial force generated by the turbine...

Authors: Huo Jie Shi, Xiang Zhang

Abstract: In order to fix on the inner connection of modification coefficient and bend strength, the static analysis of profile-shifted gear is made...

Authors: Yu Wei Zou, Xue Liang Huang, Yang Bai

Abstract: This paper proposed a new method of non-contact energy transmission based on ultrasonic. Firstly describes the work principle of ultrasonic...

Authors: Lin Lin Tan, Xue Liang Huang, Hao Qiang

Abstract: In this paper, a magnetic resonance coupled wireless transfer system is studied to establish the efficiency analysis model. By analyzing the...

Authors: Xue Liang Huang, Lin Lin Tan, Hui Li, Hao Qiang

Abstract: In this paper, a magnetic resonance coupled wireless power transfer system(MRCWPTS) with series capacitor compensation is studied in order...

Authors: Ren Xuan Fu, Yan Du

Abstract: Based on existing pipe network monitoring system and start with the concept of The Internet of Things[1], the remote monitoring and fault...


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