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Authors: Hui Xian Chen, Hao Li, Hai Tao Feng, Min Juan Du
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The leaf blade manufacture precision's influencing factors are numerous, and they have coupling relationship each other. So it is difficult...
Authors: Qi Bo Liu
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The energy consumption of per unit area in public building are larger than the residential building in China, and the energy-saving...
Authors: Jian Ying Guo, Wen Bin Li, Shi Ying Wang, Ming Lv
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Cutting force is an important parameter in machining. The static balance method and experience formulas had been adopted to find its value,...
Authors: Meng Si Zhu, Xiang Jun Zou, Li Juan Chen, Hai Xin Zou, Ke Yin Chen
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Aiming at the problem of low recognition rate and easy affected by environment during the process of robot target recognition in complex...
Authors: Qiang Liu, Xiao Kang Ma, Yong Zhou Lin, Zhi Jian Zong
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In order to minimize the fuel consumption, the topology optimization and sizing optimization are applied in the light-weight design of frame...
Authors: Bin Zhu, Yi Sheng Zhang, Jian Gong Hu, Hong Guang Yang, Qin Zhan
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:The study of tritium permeation barrier (TPB) coating is one of the most important subjects in the development of liquid lithium blankets in...
Authors: Dong Qiang Gao, Fei Zhang, Zhi Yun Mao, Huan Lin, Jiang Miao Yi
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The aluminum alloy honeycomb structure used in the structural design of high-speed machine tool table to reduce the worktable’s quality, so...
Authors: San Xiu Wang, Guang Ying Yang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:This paper presents a robust neural network control scheme for robot manipulator. The robust controller is employed to eliminate the effect...
Authors: Xiao Jie Qiu, Jin Quan Huang, Feng Lu
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:Considering the problem of optimal acceleration control of aircraft engine, the subsection optimal acceleration control method using fuzzy...
Authors: Xi Zhang, Guo Qing Liu, Qi Bing Lv
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The slicer control system designed for production plants to manufacture flap disks was investigated using programmable logic controller (PLC)...
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