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Authors: Ping An Liu, Xiao Heng Shi
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:By using the theory and method of topology structure design of parallel robotic mechanisms, the degrees of freedom (DOF) is analyzed based on...
Authors: Dong Qiang Gao, Fei Zhang, Zhi Yun Mao, Jiang Miao Yi, Huan Lin
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The main structure of DVG850 high-speed vertical machining center is instructed in the paper, the solid 3D model of the machine is...
Authors: Yi Qu, Chang Zheng Chen, Bo Zhou
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:A new method based on finite element analysis and wavelet analysis for the fault diagnosis of wind turbine main bearings is presented in the...
Authors: Guang Ye Li, Jian Ru Wan, Ming Shui Li
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The reactive power is out of control near the fundamental voltage vector in traditional direct power control system, which leads to the...
Authors: Ye Dai, Yi Nan Lai, Xi Bin He, Sheng Le Ren, Da Meng Li
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:In view of the demands in multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) of valve products, the MDO model for valves is established, which takes...
Authors: Li Hong Gao, Ge Ning Xu, Ping Yang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The random formula on fatigue crack growth is deduced by the fatigue crack data and the improved Taguchi method, and the sample estimates of...
Authors: Hong Kui Du, Fan Yu Kong
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:This paper adopts contacting finite element method to perform exact stress and strain analysis on bolt joint structure, and the curve of...
Authors: Jun Zhou Huo, Hai Feng Zhao, Xu Zhang, Wei Sun, Yu Zhao
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The multi-spiral layout pattern has been widely adopted in practice during the layout design of the cutters. Considering the engineering...
Authors: Qiang Yang, Zhi Li Sun, Yan Yan Shi, Dan Dan Jia, Yu Tao Yan
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:Five-axis CNC machine tool is the top product of numerically controlled machine tool. Kinmatic accuracy is an important index to evaluate the...
Authors: Bao Zhang, Qin Sun
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The post-buckling behavior of a stiffened panel is investigated in this paper. Firstly, the buckling mode of the stiffened panel is obtained...
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