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Authors: Gui Li Yuan, Yan Guang Xue, Qing Jiao Liang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Aiming at disadvantages of Genetic Algorithm (GA) and learning from the immune system theory, this paper introduces immune memory cell of...
Authors: Hui Fan
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Based the defects of global optimal model falling into local optimum easily and local model with slow convergence speed during traditional...
Authors: Gui Li Yuan, Yan Guang Xue
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Currently, Ball Mill is most used coal grinding equipment of pulverizing system of thermal power plant in China. Because of this system is...
Authors: Sheng Kuo Zhong, Zhi Guo Zhao, Ze Chang Sun
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Abstract:The power system simulation model is established aimed at the hybrid electric bus. Optimal calculation model with restrictions is...
Authors: Chaid Noilublao, Sujin Bureerat
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:This paper presents an integrated design technique to carry out simultaneous topology and sizing optimization of a two-dimensional truss...
Authors: Siwadol Kanyakam, Sujin Bureerat
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In this work, performance enhancement of a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA) by integrating a surrogate model to the design...
Authors: Rong Yuan Jou
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Thermoelectric coolers and generators are often used as reliable energy converters in a variety of applications. For design considerations,...
Authors: Su Yu Wang, Wen Chao Wang, Tao Yu, Bin Jiang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Surface roughness is an important parameter to evaluate the quality of high-speed machining (HSM). This paper establishes a mechanical model...
Authors: Song Li, Ji Cheng Zhang, Lei Ming, Xiao Lei Liu, Li Yong Jiang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:In this work, to reduce the drag of a van body truck, an aerodynamic device is fixing on the aft-body with different angle of declination and...
Authors: Chun Mei Mu, Qing Zhang, Bao Chen Liu, Qing Zhang
Intelligent Optimization Design
Abstract:Combined with the new development of protecting pile of foundation pits in Ningbo soft soil area. On the premise of summarizing the present...
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