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Authors: Ze Fu Bao, Peng Zang, Jiang Ping Wang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:This paper describes the multi-sensor of the data acquisition and signal analyzing based on the development of virtual instrument. It sets up...
Authors: Guo Chen Du, Ying Chen, Jin Feng Zhang, Zhi Zhen Wei
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The results reported in this paper pertain to the simulation of high speed hard turning when using the finite element method. In recent years...
Authors: Wei Hua Li, Hai Shan Lian
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:Based on the special-shaped spring assembly of thermostat, a corresponding pickup fixture can be designed to ensure parts in a unique state...
Authors: Bin Chen, Zhi Wei Xing, Li Wen Wang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:The deicing process and practical model of aircraft on ground were introduced, and the thermal consumption was discussed. Deicing fluids...
Authors: Hai Huang, Lei Wan, Yue Ming Li, Yong Jie Pang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:In order to improve the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) into a reliable and maintainable one, this paper has presented a fault tolerance...
Authors: Zhi Yong He, Qing Hua He, Shang Hong He
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:In this paper, the hazards of hydraulic pipeline system vibration and noise were introduced, the causes of vibration and noise of hydraulic...
Authors: Jun Jie Tong, Ji Wen Cen, Jin Liang Xu
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:According to the lever moment equilibrium, the thrust test is performed for a flat micro convergent-divergent micro nozzle with 11.72...
Authors: Li Ming Cai, Ding Ping Liu
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:Electromagnetic metallurgy is an advanced subject of the production technological research in metallurgical industry. Magnetic floating...
Authors: Eren Kayaoglu, Ozlem Salman, Adem Candas
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:It has been seen that Cylindrical Type Instantaneous Safety Gear, which is one of the most important element of an elevator system, during...
Authors: Fang Xie, Chang Jiang Liu, You Jun Wang
Structural Strength and Robustness
Abstract:Numerical method using HI and HOH meshing combined B - L turbulent model and S - A turbulent model separately based on the Rotor 37...
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