Advanced Design Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 308-310

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Hong Zhu, Xiao Hong Zhang

Abstract: This paper applies multi-sensor information fusion technology to intelligent control system of ceramic kiln and proposes a corresponding...

Authors: Li Kun Zhou

Abstract: In order to fill fuel in special occasions for actual demand , the turtle-shape shunt taps has been designed on the principle of bionics...

Authors: Salmiah Kasolang, Anizah Kalam, Mohamad Ali Ahmad

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study carried out to determine the effects of fibre size on the mass loss, specific wear rate,...

Authors: Woldemichael Dereje Engida, Fakhruldin Mohd Hashim, Sujan Debnath

Abstract: Conceptual design process is considered as the most critical and important phase of product design process. It is the stage where product’s...

Authors: Chu Jin Li, Jian Ping Wan

Abstract: In many theoretical analysis and engineering application fields, fractional Brownian motions has proposed to be a valuable random excitation...

Authors: Li Bao, Jun Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the theories of aerostatic slideways and B-spline curve, structure of aerostatic slideways and process way to measure data were...

Authors: Bin Liu, Zhi Huan Huang, Ya Nan Zhu

Abstract: In order to obtain the optimal model of femoral head prosthesis, a novel modeling method is proposed in this paper. It can revert the...

Authors: Kuo Sheng Kao, Po Hsiang Kuo, Chien Chuan Cheng, Da Long Cheng, Chin Ming Wang, Pei Shan Hung

Abstract: This study provides a simple and low cost method to deposit TiO2 nanoporous thin films onto the titanium mesh substrate. The flexible...

Authors: Muhammad Masud Akhtar, Xiang Huang, Wen Liang Chen, Zi Xiong Lin

Abstract: Chatter is the most obscuring phenomenon and significant amount of research has been documented regarding prediction, control and...

Authors: Xiu Feng, Feng Lu, Guo Liang Shen

Abstract: Metallic gasket seals are widely used in pressure vessels and piping. The failure of sealing systems is mostly caused not by the strength of...


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