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Authors: Yusuf Şahin
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Aluminum composites containing 10wt. % of Al2O3 with 3 µm size of particles have been produced using powder metallurgy...
Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Tso Hsien Liao
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Statechart has been utilized as a visual formalism for the modeling of complex systems. It illuminates the features on describing properties...
Authors: Xing Zao Ma, Chang You Li, Li Li Zhang, Wen Hao Shen
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, the deep-bed drying rate was analyzed under different bed depths and air temperatures. It was found that the bed depth had a...
Authors: Kuan Pei Lee, Andrew S Chang
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:This study established the key integration factors (KIFs) to help participants to scrutinize the key issues during incorporating...
Authors: Chun Xiang Wang, Jing Qiang Zhang, Zhi Jun Liu
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:For the purposes of spiral bevel gears of cycloid gear is more and more extensive, the research on the reverse are rare phenomenon, this...
Authors: Hu Zhu, Nan Li, Zhi Jun Liu
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:On the basis of the analysis for the reason that causes the errors of the vertex offset, the accuracy improvement method for the STL offset...
Authors: Li Ming Zhang, De Si Sun, Yang Bo
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:18 strains of Bacillus mucilaginosus were sampled from Poyang Lake area of Jiangxi province in China . Morphology and physio-biochemical...
Authors: Si Lin Chen, Xu Dong Yang, Shi Qiu, Chun Lin Ma, Tao Chen, Dan Yang, Huan Yang
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:The numerical simulation of flow field of a new rectangular suction inlet installing guide plates with different rake angles was carried out...
Authors: Zhuo Meng, Qin Sun, Jin Feng Jiang
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Based on the theory of structure impact dynamic and numerical optimization, application of SQP algorithm in nonlinear parameter inversion is...
Authors: Nan Yin, Xing Long Zhu, Xin Zhao, Shang Gao
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:When the cylindrical laser shines on the target object, a spot can be obtained, which the edge is a closed curve, marked as C1....
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