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Authors: Ning Qi, Bin Qiang Wang, Bo Yuan, Bo Zhang
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Power consumption of Internet is becoming more and more a sensible problem, which is of interest for both the research community and the...
Authors: Sang Bong Park
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Rubber products have durable, lightweight, and shockproof properties, which allow them to be used in various industries. As demand on...
Authors: Xiao Lan Xie, Liang Liu, Ying Zhong Cao
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Aiming at the existing trust issues under manufacturing environment. This paper proposes a trust model based on feedback evaluation, TMBFCM,...
Authors: Wei Jie Chang, Jian Hua Zhang, Tao Zhu, Tao Wang
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Material removal mechanisms of Al2O3-based conductive ceramics machined by electric discharge milling in deionized water are investigated....
Authors: Yu Tian Wang, Rui Rong Yuan, Shu Tao Wang, Xue Gao, Xue Li
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Polarization induced signal fading always has an influence up on the visibility of the interference stripe and the accuracy of system...
Authors: Shao Hua Yang, Yin Zhang, Jun Long Lu, Jia Yang Zhu
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:The clods of dirt are filled within reinforced concrete frame space, which composes raw soil composite wall. This structure has the...
Authors: Oranis Panyarjun, Thitima Olarikabutr
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Packaging plays an important role in decreasing the environmental impact and, simultaneously, improving well-being and safety of people. Due...
Authors: Shi Yue Zhang, Er Lei Wang
Green Design and Manufacturing
Abstract:Due to resource scarcity and worsening pollution on the environment, more and more people are attracted by green design. Some designs not...
Authors: Qiang Liu, Jia Xu Wang, Bei Li Yu, Ke Xiao
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:An approach for the analysis of tooth contact and load distribution of straight beveloid gears with parallel axes is proposed. The approach...
Authors: Yan Chun Tang, Gao Tou Meng, Ji Chang Gong
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Through indoor consolidation test and CPTU model test and CPTU in-situ test, the soil consolidation coefficient has been studied. Compared...
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