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Authors: Yu Lin Huang, Sheng Min Deng, Wei Jun Chen, Qiu Yu Xia, Rui Li, Song Lin Zhao
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Virgin coconut oil (VCO) microencapsulation technology was developed by spray drying method and the technology was optimized by response...
Authors: Li Wei Sun, Tie Xiong Su, Jun Feng Xu, Qiang Wang, Chun Long Xu, Guo Dong You
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:The study carries out optimal design for the cam profile of the valve train in a high-specific-power diesel engine. The dynamic analysis on...
Authors: Gou Dong You, Tie Xiong Su, Jun Feng Xu, Kun Li
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:In an investigation to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between port geometry and performance characteristics, a parametic...
Authors: Amin Chegenizadeh, Hamid Nikraz
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Reinforced soil has been among the most effective soil modification materials. Its use has been expanded rapidly into civil engineering,...
Authors: Amin Chegenizadeh, Hamid Nikraz
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Composite soils have been widely used in civil engineering applications, especially in slopes, embankment dam and landfills. This paper aims...
Authors: Li Yong Fang, Hui Li, Jin Ping Bai
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:Contour matching is one of the important problems concerned in 3-D reconstruction field. According to the difficulties of defect contour...
Authors: Yong Ming, Jing Wang, Jin Yang, Wei Liu
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:To investigate the chemical constituents from the Plumbago zeylanica L. the chemical constituents were isolated by various column...
Authors: Bao Jun Sun, Xi Wu Fang
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:The edge shape of milling insert has important influence on the heat loading and mechanical loading during metal cutting. The optimization of...
Authors: Qing Xiang Zhu, Lei Zhang, Jing Liu, Peng Sha Jiao, Hong Hong Hao
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:The Apriori algorithm needs to continue scanning the database and may provide mass candidate itemsets in fault diagnosis process which causes...
Authors: Yan Yan Zuo, Cai Bao Yan, Nan Yang
Reverse Engineering
Abstract:A vehicle active suspension model with 1 / 2 ,four-degrees of freedom is established and by combining genetic algorithm with optimal control...
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