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Authors: Guo Fu Tian, Shi Jie Wang, Shu Hui Sun, Zhong Wei Ren
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Aimed at the need of data processing and analysis in the performance test of hydraulic torque converter, we put forward a way of test data...
Authors: Chien Chih Tu, An Pin Chen
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Beginning from 2001 in which both Taiwan and China joined World Trade Organization (WTO), a large number of Taiwanese manufacturers have...
Authors: Li Ming Lu
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:In the paper a new kind of rolling-sliding blend bearing has been studied. In order to comparing the new bearings and rolling bearings in the...
Authors: Hua Zhou, Wei Song
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:A research is made on the different influence on frame structure stiffness between straight board stairs and fold board stairs. The research...
Authors: Ze Hao Huang, Xu Sheng Lu, Wen Qiang Xu, Zhang Dong Sun
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:In this paper, the ride comfort of the ATV( with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the rear) is the research object. The software of...
Authors: Shu De Ji, Bo Gao, Wei Pei, Wen Wang, Hui Zhang
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Based on diesel engine, the digital collaborative platform was designed. The key technology of supporting the platform was introduced. In...
Authors: Chao Ye, Fang Wang, Tao Yuan, Hao Wu
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Computational methods of some pressure-drop models for a gas-liquid cyclone separator of refrigeration system are analyzed. And different...
Authors: Ming Liang Yang, Zheng Yan Chang, Ge Ning Xu
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:Aimed at the vibrations of driver seat and wheel of a working fork-lift truck, the acceleration was measured and a vibration analysis based...
Authors: Dong Chen Qin, Zhu Li Liu, Qiang Zhu, Jiang Yi Chen, Ying Jia Wang
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:According to the crane dynamics theory, the dynamical model of a bridge crane's three main mechanisms is established and the dynamical load...
Authors: Hao Qiu, Zheng Bao Lei, Tom Zi Ming Qi, Zhu Rong Dong
Design for Sustainablility
Abstract:This paper is to present a new semi-suspension that is designed for Omni-directional four wheels-driven electric vehicles. With the use of...
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