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Authors: Fang Tang, Yan Ding Wei, Xiao Jun Zhou, Zhu Hui Luo, Ming Xiang Xie, Pei Xin Li
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:In order to fulfill the requirement of vehicle dynamics performance and real-time capability in driving simulator, modeling and simulation...
Authors: Gui Chen Zhang, Ji Qing He
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:In order to study Siemens- Schottel- Propulsion (SSP) vibration for the marine electrical propulsion system, the SSP vibration analysis has...
Authors: Yan Yan Zuo, Qing Bin Chang
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:In order to study the curve passing performance of urban track vehicle and to evaluate its safety, the calculation model was established and...
Authors: Guang Kun Shan, Hai Long Zhang, Ying Bo Wang, Cheng Zhi Zeng
Machinery Dynamics
Abstract:The membrane coupling plays an essential role in the transfer process of the wind wheel torque. In order to meet the design requirements and...
Authors: Xiao Fei Wang, Jian Min Li, Guo Kai Zhang
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:This paper presents a novel compact manual instrument for minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The instrument possesses several good features,...
Authors: Tian Xi Liu, Lei Liang, Wei Cheng, Yang Zhao
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:With the depth of space exploration and applications, the space robot self-assembling has become more and more important for space on-orbit...
Authors: Jia Zhi Ren, Guo Xin Jia, Li Bin Zhang
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:In order to resolve the contradiction of cylinder, nipper and detaching roller in movement coordinate on high speed comber, use elliptic gear...
Authors: Ki Jun Kim, Cheng Dong Wu, Fei Wang, Shi Guang Wen
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:The robot joints are usually rotational axis by two link joints, bionic features is not strong. The shortcomings of intelligent MR damper...
Authors: Chon Chen, Rong Rong Hu, Lan Huang
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:Based on the theory of fluid dynamics and principle of thermodynamics, the characteristic of the stiffness, natural frequency and damping of...
Authors: Xiao Jin Zhang, Jia Li, Si Jun Zhu, Yu Zhang
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to test the trajectory precision of the execution terminal of the industrial robot based on a non-contact laser...
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