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Authors: Fang Jiang, Hong Sheng Ding, Tie Fu, Zhong Hui Dong
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:A testing system is constructed by connecting two parallel mechanisms in series to assess the performance of the 6-DOF parallel stabilized...
Authors: Pei Wen Yu, Hui Chen
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:The paper presents a method to design a LQG controller for dynamic positioning system. It is assumed that these are corrupted with white...
Authors: Yu Min Yu
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:Active materials are a group of solid-state materials whose geometric shape can be related to an energy input in the form of heat, light,...
Authors: Yong Gang Huang, Li Du, Ya Hua Chen, Jun Feng
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:Based on screw theory,a systematic method is proposed to synthesis symmertrical non-overconstrained 3-DOF translational parallel...
Authors: Jing Yang, Jun Wu, Rong Xiong
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:Humanoid robot is a highly nonlinear system and balance control is essential to achieve the purpose of stable walking on the plane. As for...
Authors: Feng Sun, Jun Jie Jin, Koichi Oka
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:This paper analyzes the spinning characteristics of a noncontact spinning mechanism with numerical simulation. In this mechanism, when the...
Authors: Ming Qin Liu, Qi Dong Tang, Yuan Liang Zhang
New Mechanisms and Robotics
Abstract:Abstract: For biped robot, to control the moving stability is the key technology for the design. The biped robot has a human figure and...
Authors: Kai Chang Liu, Guan Ru Xie, Yun Jie Wu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:This paper describes the basic structure and driving principle of the closed Planetary Bevel-type CVT, and the characteristics of minus...
Authors: Chao Zhang, Rong Jun Chen, Wei Feng Fang
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:Choose wheat straw, corn straw and thatch as the shock isolation layer materials, the static state function and the dynamic state mechanics...
Authors: Hui Yang, Gai Yang, Chuang Wang, Ke Wei Xu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:The lanthanum-silver doped hydroxyapatite (La/Ag/HAP) powder was prepared by a coprecipitation way. Its microstructure, phase composition and...
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