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Authors: Ming Fu You, Zhi Wei Li, Jiang Jiang Li
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:The rotation speed and drive scheme with 01M and ZF 6-speed automatic transmission were analyzed intuitively based on lever method, the...
Authors: You Dong Ye, Wen Xiang Zhang
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:Based on the structure and failure features of a new type of outer mesh and “two teeth difference” planetary gear transmission, a optimize...
Authors: Jian Hua Tao, Hua Liu, Xiao Chu Liu
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:This paper introduces a new open CNC system for winding machines which can overcome the shortcomings the traditional winding machine existed,...
Authors: Nai Tian Gan, Ling Shan Chen
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:Nowadays when automobiles become popular to millions of households, its hidden trouble of road safety seems to be more serious. Traffic...
Authors: Yu Jian Xie
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:In order to solve the problem which causes high failure rate and low production efficient in the relay-contactor control system of hydraulic...
Authors: Xiao Ci Huang, Jie Yang
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:Electrical Parking Brake is a system comprises the temporary brake of driving and long-term parking brake, and controlled by electrical. This...
Authors: Qiong Hong Lei
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:The popularity of modern automobiles requires better using performances of them, even better security and environmental protection. So, there...
Authors: Wei Li, Yu Tao Wang, Jin Feng Du, Xiao Yan Cao
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:In this paper, a design method that teaching and playback of motion trajectory based on the double-pole angles rotation parallel mechanical...
Authors: Mouleeswaran Senthilkumar
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:This paper describes the development of a controller design for the active control of suspension system, which improves the inherent tradeoff...
Authors: Hao Wang, Guang Sheng Ren
Complex Electro-Mechanical System Design
Abstract:This paper discusses the function of modern design method in the scheme design process of the detective vehicle for straddle type monorail....
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