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Authors: Hui Yang, Fei Fei Huang, Ke Wei Xu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:In order to find a simple way to prepare oriental HA, only by controlling the preparation conditions, a co-precipitation method was used to...
Authors: Yan She, Cai Ping Qu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:The paper introduces voltage space vector pulse wide modulation (SVPWM) arithmetic and the field oriented control (FOC), develops a suit of...
Authors: Si Yi Li, Ya Ping Yang
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:A combined mechanism, which cycloid tooth profile planetary mechanism and screw mechanism are connected in series, can convert the...
Authors: Hong Wei Cui, Qing Dong Yan, Shou Wen Yao
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:In order to meet the design requirements, the wet shifting clutch was designed based on secondary development of Pro/E. The basic principle...
Authors: Yan Lin Tian, Jing Liang He, Hao Long Niu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:MASTA is the professional CAE software for auto transmission simulation, analysis and design system. Based on this, firstly how to realize...
Authors: Bin Zhu, Wei Qin, Jin Liu, Yuan Lei Fu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:The dynamic model of multi-rigid-body system and rigid-flexible coupling system of 2K-V cycloid pin gear reducer are constructed with ADAMS,...
Authors: Jie Wu, Zhen Qi Zong
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:When the internal cylindrical cavity die is processed on traditional milling machine, such defects as interference between the disc milling...
Authors: Xian Zhi Li, Xin Zhou, Li Juan Wang, Chun Shan Liu
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:In the planetary gear transmission design, the structure and shape of some major parts are often the same or similar, tedious and duplicate...
Authors: Lei Lei, Ying Tao, Tian Min Guan
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:In order to validate the pin-hole-output mechanism of FA cycloid drive force analysis theory, and based on the study on the basis of the...
Authors: Tian Min Guan, Liang Xuan, Lei Lei
Driven Train Mechanisms
Abstract:In High precision FA type pin-cycloid gear transmission, carrying capacity has always been sacrificed by using one tooth differenced of "Arch...
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